Middle East and Northern Africa

Libya 2018

Connecting Citizens to Decision Makers through Media


To promote citizen engagement with local government decision-makers through a media initiative, and build the capacity of a nascent civic group in Ajdabiya. The organization will conduct five five-day media trainings for local journalists and government media professionals on the role of media in connecting citizens to decision-makers; five five-day workshops for local civic actors on media, local development and policy; and lead an awareness campaign to amplify the voice of civil society and connect them to local decision-makers.

Promoting Human Rights Journalism


To enhance the capacity of young Libyan journalists to report on human rights issues, especially pertaining to women’s rights. The organization will train 80 young journalists in objective reporting of human rights issues, with a special focus on gender issues and women’s rights. It will also work with program participants to produce three print articles and a series of online media pieces, and organize a public event on the importance and the role of media in reporting human rights and women’s rights violations.

Promoting Peaceful Discourse


To promote community dialogue and mechanisms of early warning and rapid response to localized conflicts in Libya. The organization will work with a multi-stakeholder civil society group to promote conflict transformation in Zuwarah, Ragdaleen, Al-Jumayl and Al-Ajaylat; conduct a workshop on rapid response approaches, conflict monitoring and prevention; lead conflict resolution trainings, and  an awareness campaign on peaceful conflict transformation  at the local level.

Strengthening Election Coverage


To strengthen the capacity of journalists to report on upcoming elections in Libya. The organization will organize a series of three-day election coverage workshops for journalists in different cities in Libya, and track their production of election-related news stories. The grantee will facilitate the creation of an informal network among beneficiaries trained in electoral coverage, human rights, and journalistic ethics in conflict environments.

Supporting Women’s Political Participation


To promote women’s political participation and inclusion in the Fezzan region of Libya. The organization will hold a series of two-day workshops for women civil society activists on democracy, human rights, women’s political participation, and political communication skills; and lead an initiative to encourage women to run for seats during the upcoming local and legislative elections.

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