Middle East and Northern Africa

Libya 2019

Combating Fake News, Hate Speech, and Incitement

Freedom of Information


To combat fake news, hate speech, incitement, and disinformation in Libyan digital media. The organization will conduct an awareness and education campaign to highlight the negative impact of Libya’s current media environment on exacerbating and prolonging violence and conflict, launch a digital media research platform, publish data about incitement and hate speech, and promote information about professional journalistic standards for media consumers and producers in Libya.

Developing Community Youth Leadership

Moomken Organization for Awareness and Media


To promote a community of peacebuilding practice and community dialogue to respond to localized conflicts in Libya. The organization will build the capacity of a cadre of youth through a two-week intensive course on peacebuilding and conflict management and assist to develop community-focused mechanisms for conflict prevention and community mediation.

Empowering Local Civil Society

National Caucus of Fezzan


To enhance civic engagement of marginalized communities in Libya’s Fezzan region. The organization will engage and build the capacity of local civil society organizations focusing on promoting priority issues of marginalized groups including youth, women, and people with disabilities through a series of trainings and local civic initiatives.

Promoting Human Rights

WHY ME? Association for Women’s Rights


To enhance the capacity of young Libyan journalists to report on human rights issues, especially pertaining to women’s rights. The organization will train young journalists and civic activists in objective reporting of human rights issues, with a special focus on gender issues and women’s rights. It will also work with program participants to produce a series of online media pieces and organize a public event on the importance and the role of media in reporting human rights and women’s rights violations.

Promoting Youth Engagement

Libyan Organization for Development


To promote democratic values among youth in eastern Libya. The organization will lead training of trainers for university youth leaders and facilitate dialogue sessions among youth from universities. The organization will also provide technical assistance and mentor youth leaders to produce and submit a memorandum with recommendations to the Ministry of Higher Education on how to increase youth civic space at universities.

Supporting Women’s Political Participation

MAFO for Supporting Democracy and Human Rights


To promote women’s political participation and inclusion in the Fezzan region of Libya. The organization will hold a series of workshops for women civil society activists on democracy, human rights, women’s political participation, and political communication; and lead an initiative to encourage women to run for seats during the ongoing local elections.

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