Middle East and Northern Africa

Mauritania 2019

Engaging Marginalized Youth

Action Dev


To engage youth and promote the rights of marginalized communities in Brakna and Trarza regions. The organization will lead a capacity building initiative targeting youth, convene four roundtable discussions on youth marginalization and youth violence, and organize a series of awareness and advocacy campaigns to promote dialogue on peace and conflict prevention.

Enhancing Women’s Leadership

Al-Amal Association for Protecting Mothers and Children


To promote women’s participation in decision-making and public affairs. The organization will build the capacity of newly elected women in marginalized communities of Toujounine, Arafat, Dar Inaeem and Tayaret on leadership skills, women’s role in public affairs and women’s rights. It will also conduct quarterly progress and performance reviews of municipality initiatives in the target areas and organize a seminar on its findings and recommendations.

Participatory Local Governance

SOS Urgence


To promote participatory governance and an inclusive budget process. The organization will conduct workshops on leadership skills, gender-sensitive governance practices and basic tenets of women’s rights; trainings on women’s participation and citizenship, and participatory budget methodologies and processes; and mobilize communities and lead a campaign advocating an inclusive budget process in Boghe.

Promoting a Culture of Dialogue

Mauritanian Center for Research and Humanitarian Studies


To promote democratic values and a culture of dialogue. The grantee will reach out to university youth and organize seminars and roundtable discussions on themes related to pluralism, national reconciliation, and political reform in Mauritania. It will also conduct a two-day workshop on outreach and advocacy strategies.

Strengthening Citizen Participation

Citizens Standing


To strengthen youth participation in public policy development at the local level. The organization will organize one workshop for youth on advocacy techniques and strategies and another on local governance. It will also lead advocacy efforts to promote youth engagement in public life through policy monitoring and evaluation and continue providing technical support for local youth councils.

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