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Morocco 2018

Advocating Effective Policy on Collective Lands

Third Millennium Association for the Development of Civic Action in the Southeast


To promote good governance practices, and advocate for effective regulatory instruments on collective lands. The organization will organize forums in Errachidia, Meknes, Fes, and Rabat and convene a national symposium on the law governing collective lands and its impact on governance and local development; and lead an advocacy initiative at the national level.

Citizen Inclusion in Local Governance

Oasis Verte for Development and Democracy


To foster citizen inclusion in local governance and enhance women’s socio-economic empowerment in the Ouarzazate -Tinghir region. The grantee will convene three study days on the outcomes of its efforts with municipalities on their communal action plan and Article 14 of the constitution; organize a two-day workshop on monitoring local government programs and expenditures; continue its work with women leaders of 20 cooperatives; and solidify a local network of cooperatives.

Civil Society’s Role in Local Governance

Espace Libre de Citoyennete, de Formation, et de Developpement a Mohammedia


To promote participatory democracy and the implementation of local governance mechanisms through advocacy and engaging local actors. The grantee will engage civic groups and citizens in governance and participatory processes at the local level; host three forums on strategies to engage youth in local public affairs; organize three one-day roundtables for 300 local actors and five thematic meetings with local groups; and conduct three two-day workshops on public petitions promoting accountability and public service oversight.

Communal Council and Civil Society Strengthening

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support both citizens and elected officials to effectively engage one another at the communal level and promote citizen confidence in government institutions. The institute will provide civil society with the tools to advocate for the needs of citizens. The institute will also equip local elected officials with the skills to incorporate citizen feedback and be more transparent and effective as they carry out their work.

Empowering Rural Communities

Akhiam Association for Economic and Social Development

Supplement: $12,000

To promote youth participation in public life and local governance in rural communities and strengthen the capacity of five youth local councils in Imilchil. The organization will organize a workshop on strategic planning, trainings on communication, negotiation, advocacy, and community animation techniques; establish civic clubs within local schools; and lead discussions on issues related to human rights, citizenship and concepts of democracy.

Engaging Youth in Local Policy Processes

Association Jeunes pour Jeunes


To enhance the capacity of youth to engage in municipal budget and public policy processes. The organization will lead a series of workshops for youth and elected officials on budgetary process and the role of public consultative bodies in local governance; organize a regional forum on youth strategies and local public policy, and a national conference on institutional dialogue to promote youth inclusion in decision-making; and produce an analytical report.

Enhancing Youth Civic Participation

Center for Success and Development (CSD)


To enhance youth civic participation and empower youth in countering extremism in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal; amplify pluralist narratives rooted in Muslim values and traditions; and promote enlightened views on Islam, pluralism, and civic engagement. The center will organize capacity-building workshops on self-development, volunteerism, and networking for university students and youth CSO activists; lead a youth awareness academy; enhance its online radio platform in French and Arabic; document youth success stories; and continue its youth civic training outreach to groups in Mauritania and Senegal.

Enhancing Youth Local Governance in Marginalized Communities

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To enhance disenfranchised Moroccan youth’s access to and engagement in local decision-making processes. The institute will work with elected local and regional governing councils to establish and operationalize youth consultative councils in five regions. Youth consultative councils will provide young Moroccans with an alternative to popular protests and the opportunity to directly engage with local decision-makers to constructively express their concerns and solutions to community issues.

Enhancing Youth Public Engagement

Chababona Development Association

Supplement:  $12,000

To promote youth public participation in marginalized communities of Midelt. The organization will mobilize, educate and mentor marginalized youth to facilitate their active participation in Morocco’s social, economic and political life.  Program activities will include capacity-building workshops on leadership skills, social entrepreneurship, citizen rights and youth political participation; training on civic journalism; and a public forum bringing together youth activists and elected officials to exchange perspectives on local affairs and governance issues.

Governance Participatory Mechanisms

Association Intilaqua pour Jeunes et Enfants


To raise awareness of local government’s role and responsibilities and encourage citizen participation at the local level through public petitions. The organization will facilitate two study days on public petitions and a performance-based approach to governance, conduct two two-day trainings for local groups and elected officials on legal and regulatory frameworks for public petitions, and solidify its CSO network of civil society organizations to lead advocacy initiatives.

Online Campus TV

Campus Morocco


To expand freedom of expression and encourage youth activism on university campuses. The organization will continue to produce content for its online TV channel in Arabic targeting university students across Morocco; and train 20 young journalists and its staff on TV program content production, editorial guidelines, and presentation skills.

Participatory Decision Making Process

Instance Marocaine des Droits Humains


To promote accountability and mobilize civil society to advocate for a participatory approach to decision making at the local level. The organization will conduct two focus groups, lead a three-day training on human rights-based approaches to development and local governance, engage local CSOs in advocacy initiatives through the creation of a local forum, and organize a one-day program evaluation.

Promoting Accountability in Resource Management

Observatoire Pour la Protection de l’Environnement et des Monuments Historiques de Tanger (OPEMH)


To enhance local civil society’s capacity to advocate good governance and accountability in government’s adherence to resources management regulations. The organization will establish a multi-stakeholder commission to lead a diagnostic study and an advocacy initiative; organize a conference to share the findings; and hold a workshop for local associations on mismanagement of water resources and its implications on human rights, accountability and transparency.

Promoting Citizen Participation in Governance

Al-Amal Network for Relief and Sustainable Development of Al-Hoceima


To promote citizen engagement and advocacy for good governance practices. The organization will organize trainings on legislative provisions decentralizing Morocco’s governance framework and requiring participatory approaches to decision-making processes at the regional, prefectural, and community levels.  It will also hold public dialogue forums, trainings on parity and equity commissions, a roundtable on the access to information law, and an advocacy initiative; as well as facilitate the exchange best practices with CSOs from other regions on participatory mechanisms for decision-making.

Promoting Civic Engagement

Center for Humanities Studies and Research


To enhance youth participation in civic life and provide civic actors with an open space for public policy debate and democratic practices. The organization will facilitate a series of seminars on engaging youth in civic and policy debates; lead capacity-building initiatives in 15 high schools and universities in Casablanca; host civil society actors from the MENA region; organize a regional forum on public policy and political reforms in the Maghreb; and publish two issues of its magazine, Rihanat.

Promoting Gender Equality in Governance

Union of Associations of Fes-Medina


To promote gender equality and inclusion in regional and local governance in the Fes-Meknes region. The organization will engage elected officials, civil society, and women councilors to advance women’s roles in decision-making and policy processes. It will convene a study day on gender equality, lead workshops on gender-responsive budgeting, and advocate gender inclusion in local policies and in the local and regional councils’ development agenda.

Promoting Public Consultation in Governance

Alternative Citizen Movement


To enhance the capacity of local civil society in strengthening governance and improving democratic processes at the regional level. The organization will continue cooperating with its regional CSO coalition to promote CSO and citizen input in Meknes-Fes and Tangiers-Tetouan regions. The organization will lead workshops for elected officials on laws that require citizen input in policy decision-making processes; conduct trainings on mobilization strategies and advocacy; organize three seminars; and lead regional campaigns to advocate citizen inclusion in governance and policy processes.

Promoting Rule of Law

The Mediator for Democracy and Human Rights


To promote rule of law and respect for human rights. The organization will engage lawyers and human rights experts to monitor 10 court cases. These monitoring efforts will focus on court decisions and rulings related to journalists, human rights and civil society activists, and the Rif protest activists’ court proceedings. The initiative will examine where access to justice and human rights protections are lacking. It will publish a comprehensive report and lead an advocacy campaign based on its findings.

Promoting Women’s Leadership

Federation des Ligues des Droits des Femmes


To promote women’s participation in decision-making and policy dialogue. The organization will convene a one-day seminar on the critical role women play in demanding social justice and equal access to political and economic opportunities; conduct three two-day workshops for 30 women councilors from Ouarzazate, Tinghir, and Zagora on gender-sensitive governance, rights-based advocacy, and policy monitoring; and organize a forum on progress and performance reviews of initiatives led by local government in target areas.

Raising Awareness among Youth

Women’s Association for Development and Solidarity


To raise youth awareness on citizenship and human rights in Al-Hoceima. Working with five high schools, the grantee will lead a series of workshops for 100 youth coordinators of civic clubs on human rights and democratic values. The organization will work with the youth coordinators to lead sessions for other youth in their respective institutions. It will also convene café discussions in each school district on youth priority issues twice a month.

Strengthening Trade Unions

Solidarity Center (SC)


To strengthen the capacity of Moroccan trade unions. The center will support trade unions in the hospitality and aerospace sectors to promote fundamental worker rights and decent work through organizing, collective bargaining, and strengthening international alliances. To complement these efforts, the center will integrate a gender-based approach in order to raise awareness about gender equality in these unions.

Supporting Local Democracy

Espace Associatif pour l’Education et le Developpement

Supplement: $12,000

To foster greater cooperation among local civil society organizations, and the municipality on local democracy and development issues. The organization will engage CSOs in  Toulal, Azzaytoune, Barj Moulay Omar, Twarga, and Sbata communities. It will convene a press conference, conduct capacity-building workshops on local governance for civil society activists and members of the municipal council, and a training on advocacy strategies establish advisory committees, organize inter-communal meetings, hold forum on local democracy, and an evaluation session on program outcomes and strategic planning.

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