Middle East and Northern Africa

Syria 2019

Enhancing Civilian Engagement and Oversight at the Local Level

Accountability and Governance


To support citizen engagement on local priorities during a period of conflict. The organization will lead a youth-centered initiative to deepen understanding of citizen priorities in critical fields. It will lead workshops on civic education, democracy and the role of civil society, electoral systems and the role of elections, citizenship and its responsibilities, and the importance of women’s rights.

Enhancing Transparency in a Closed Society

SADA for Opinion Polling


To raise awareness of public attitudes on important challenges facing Syrians, and to enhance the skills of a polling group to obtain, verify, and analyze credible data and to make relevant policy recommendations. The organization will design, conduct and publish five polls to identify Syrian priorities during the ongoing crisis.

Informing Citizens During Conflict

Freedom of Information


To provide fact-based, real-time public knowledge and assessment of events affecting civilian life, in an area where state-controlled media routinely fail to provide citizens with basic information about the ongoing security and humanitarian crisis. The team will provide independent coverage of news critical to ordinary citizens, with a focus on security, economic, and social developments.

Promoting Independent Media

Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently


To enhance the role of independent media to expand democratic thought and assist in the reconstruction of a post-conflict society. The organization will provide constant news coverage of developments in its governorate, focusing on service delivery and reconstruction. The outlet will monitor and publish developments throughout the province, and broadcast them regularly through its established web presences.

Promoting Independent Media

Freedom of Information


To promote objective reporting on southern Syria. The grantee will provide independent and fact-based news coverage on a wide array of issues in southern Syria, with a focus on security-related incidents and human rights violations. The outlet will monitor and publish developments throughout the region, and broadcast them regularly through its established web presences.

Strengthening Independent Media

Enab Baladi


To enhance the emergence of free, independent media. A weekly newspaper and daily online news service will provide independent public-affairs journalism as an alternative to state-controlled and sectarian media sources. The outlet will focus on professionally reported coverage of local political, military, economic, social, and cultural developments.

Strengthening Independent Media

Syrian Journalists Association


To promote and strengthen independent media. The organization will launch an anti-hate speech initiative that confronts the proliferation of conflict-inducing discourse. It will undertake research to create a baseline monitor of online fora authored by opinion-makers and to develop future strategies to reduce unbalanced news and hate speech. The group will also lead training workshops on editorial policy and its role in limiting hate speech.

Supporting Tolerant Media

Vision Association


To enhance the emergence of free and independent media. The organization will produce and air episodes of a weekly hour-long radio program that addresses topics of tolerance and pluralism through stories of accomplished and inspirational activists who have used their expertise for peacebuilding and community development in Syria and the Middle East.

Syria Thought Forum

Syrian Bright Future Association


To build the capacity of emerging community leaders among youth inside Syria. The grantee will train youth in three diverse regions and mentor them in exchanges with local decision-makers to promote citizen-driven initiatives. The organization will conduct training on the conduct of advocacy campaigns and work with the youth to apply these skills in exchanges with local authorities.

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