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Tunisia 2019

Advocating Legislative Reform

Tunisian Youth Leaders


To mobilize youth in civil society to monitor and advocate for legislative reforms, and to raise citizens’ awareness of their rights and freedoms and how bills and laws affect them. The organization will monitor and analyze draft laws for constitutionality, conduct advocacy workshops, and organize public events to involve youth in advocating for inclusive legislation that respects the constitution.

Bringing Voices of Business to Reform

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen public-private dialogue and collaboration on economic reform through Tunisia’s National Business Agenda framework; support the development of organizations to advance market reforms and represent business constituencies; and enhance dialogue on democracy, enterprise, and market reform in Tunisia. The Center will help its partner advance reform recommendations through a National Business Agenda framework. In complement, the Center will build the capacity of organizations to work with the private center on economic issues, while supporting inclusive, pragmatic debate about economic challenges.

Domestic Election Monitoring

Chahed Observatory for Monitoring Elections and Supporting Democratic Reform


To promote a transparent electoral process through a domestic election monitoring initiative. The organization will conduct trainings on domestic election monitoring, lead impartial and professional domestic monitoring of scheduled legislative and presidential elections, and produce a comprehensive observation report on the electoral process.

Empowering Elected Officials

Institut Tunisien de Formation des Elus


To enhance the capacity of members of parliament to conduct legislative and constituent affairs and engage with citizens more broadly on issues of public concern. The institute will work with a multi-party group of parliamentarians; lead training modules on the electoral system, parliamentary oversight, decentralization, and constituent relations; and publish policy papers on decentralization and legislative oversight.

Empowering Marginalized Youth

Maghreb Institute for Sustainable Development


To encourage youth engagement in civic life in marginalized communities. The organization will conduct a series of trainings for local decision makers on local governance, financial and administrative management, and urban planning, and hold a series of trainings for youth civil society activists and other stakeholders on participatory democracy, anti-corruption activities, and holding local governments accountable.

Engaging Women in Local Government

Free Sight Association


To promote women’s participation and engagement in political life at the municipal level. The organization will conduct trainings on good municipal governance for civil society activists and locally elected officials, form three working groups to collaborate with a municipality on leading a joint project, hold three evaluation roundtables to discuss progress of the working groups, and produce a final evaluative report on the project.

Engaging Youth in Participatory Local Governance

Kairouan Community


To promote youth engagement in participatory local governance in Kairouan. The organization will train a group of youth in three municipalities and convene a series of dialogue meetings between the municipalities and local civil society to strengthen civil society and citizen participation in local governance.

Enhancing Municipal Service Provision

Impact Foundation for Research and Development


To promote evidence-based policy analysis and debate at the local level. The organization will train survey interviewers, conduct a survey on citizen perceptions of wellbeing and municipal service delivery, organize focus groups, produce a report on the findings of its research, hold a training of trainers, lead local initiatives, and hold workshops in universities on local governance.

Political Party Campaign Training and Governance Support

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To assist political parties in developing governing strategies responsive to citizen concerns and prepare parliamentary candidates to campaign, the Institute will provide trainings for candidates, political party members and leadership. The Institute will work with newly elected officials and political parties to implement a post-election governing plan utilizing IRI’s Campaign Academy for Successful Elections (CASE) and Winning to Governing (WiGov) curricula. Post-election, it will facilitate an inclusive dialogue among key governing stakeholders to recommend a governance roadmap that promotes economic reform and fosters sustainable dialogue among political, business and labor leaders.

Promoting Accountability and Good Governance

Tunisian Association for the Environment and Nature in GABES (ATEN Gabes)


To enhance the capacity of civil society to advocate for transparency, good governance, and promote social accountability in the six southern governorates of Tunisia. The organization will hold a seminar on participatory democracy and trainings for civil society activists on municipal accountability, lead a monitoring initiative in six governorates, produce a monitoring report, and convene a seminar on lessons learned and best practices.

Promoting Citizen Engagement in Local Democracy

Association Bledii


To connect citizens to decision-makers and promote participatory local governance in Kasserine Governorate. The organization will conduct a diagnostic study on the needs of three municipalities, develop a joint capacity building action plan with the municipal councils, and hold a series of trainings on local governance and accountability for municipal council members and local civil society.

Promoting Citizen Engagement in Local Governance

Association for Citizenship and Northwest Development


To strengthen the capacity of local civil society organizations to engage in municipal affairs in the northwest region. The organization will lead a capacity-building program for local civil society actors and members of municipal councils on the decentralization process and local governance in two municipalities of the northwest region and will lead trainees in practical exercises monitoring local government initiatives.

Promoting Citizen Participation in Elections

Will and Citizenship Organization (OVC)


To promote citizen participation in the legislative and presidential elections in southern Tunisia. The organization will train youth civil society actors on electoral processes and work with its trainees to organize election awareness campaigns. The organization will also convene public roundtable discussions between youth and candidates, publish a report on youth participation, hold a conference to form a long-term strategy on youth political participation, and hold dialogue meetings on regional priorities.

Promoting Democratic Values

Al-Jahedh Forum for Free Thought

Supplement: $20,000

To strengthen democratic values and youth political and civic participation. The organization will organize eight seminars and roundtables on issues related to democratic transition, pluralism and human rights, anti-corruption and good governance in Tunisia. It will also conduct a policy paper-writing workshop for youth, and publish two issues of its newsletter Masalik. The organization will hold seminars and workshops on youth issues, citizenship and non-violent approaches to community conflict, and will support local youth civic initiatives.

Promoting Effective Legislation

Solidar Tunisia

Supplement: $30,000

To promote and advocate for civil society input in the legislative process. A study and stakeholder consultations will formulate recommendations for updating Tunisia’s penal code to protect the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the 2014 constitution. The organization will organize workshops and a conference to discuss the proposed amendments, produce recommendations, and lead an initiative to advocate for their adoption. To promote dialogue on economic reform among key political and civil society actors, the organization will lead roundtable discussions and conferences to engage stakeholders.

Promoting Good Local Governance

Institut Arabe Pour la Democratie


To promote participatory local governance and development. The organization will engage newly elected municipal officials in governorates, conduct trainings on participatory approaches to local governance, convene a national conference on decentralization and sustainable development for policymakers and civil society leaders, and publish four issues of its newsletter.

Promoting Independent Government Bodies

Alternative Youth Network – RAJ Tunisia


To empower youth to advocate for the creation and activation of independent government commissions and other bodies in accordance to the Tunisian Constitution and to promote civil society’s role in monitoring those institutions. The organization will build an online platform for information on constitutional and public statutory commissions and constitutional judicial bodies, organize seminars to raise awareness of the importance of these bodies, and publish a report outlining progress toward implementing Section Six of the Tunisian Constitution, which calls for the establishment of five independent constitutional bodies.

Promoting Local Dialogue on Economic Reform

Maghreb Economic Forum


To promote and advocate sustained dialogue on socio-economic issues in Tunisia. The organization will convene local civil society, policy and decision makers to discuss the economic and social needs of communities in two governorates; draft two policy papers; and lead a campaign to draw attention to the economic challenges in Tunisia.

Promoting Media Sector Reform



To promote a media regulatory environment that protects freedom of expression and media independence in Tunisia. The organization will produce legal analysis briefs; convene consultations with various media stakeholders to promote the role of the newly established press council; and conduct trainings for journalists, judges and lawyers on freedom of expression, media regulatory framework and regulations.

Promoting Peaceful Discourse

Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy in Tunisia


To empower religious leaders to promote moderate, peaceful, and democratic discourse in five governorates; combat narratives of religious hate and extremism through an on-line platform; and encourage youth and the religious community to promote anti-corruption in target governorates. The grantee will organize a series of workshops to train imams on social media skills, conflict resolution techniques, citizenship, and democratic values in target regions; hold roundtable discussions on critical issues relating to Islam and democracy; and enhance its online platform.

Promoting Policy Dialogue

Jasmine Foundation for Research and Communication (JFRC)


To strengthen civil society’s role in promoting dialogue with policy and decision makers and enhancing citizen engagement at the municipal level. The organization will conduct a series of focus groups, interviews, and discussions with stakeholders in four municipalities to identify needs for capacity building, lead a capacity building training for municipal council members, conduct a survey of municipalities and their services, gather stakeholders for a workshop on developing policy recommendations, and develop an advocacy plan for recommendations on improving local governance.

Promoting Rural Participation in Public Life

Association for the Defense of Human Rights


To promote participation in elections and political life among youth and women in rural areas of southern Tunisia. The organization will lead an awareness-raising initiative to encourage the participation of rural women in public life.  It will also conduct a series of workshops on legislative elections, constituent relations, and the functioning of parliament. In addition, youth activists will visit parliament to monitor parliamentarians’ constituent relations.

Strengthening Natural Resource Governance

Tunisian Association of Public Auditors


To empower civil society to advocate transparent governance practices in Tunisia’s extractive industries. The organization will build the capacity of civil society to demand transparency and good governance of natural resources; equip a cohort of civic actors to participate effectively in a working group on transparency in the extractive industries; and lead a campaign to advocate revenue transparency.

Strengthening Women’s Participation

Tounissiet Association


To strengthen women’s civic and political participation in Tunisia. The organization will organize focus groups on women in political parties, conduct training on policy paper writing, a training of trainers on gender approaches, leadership skills, and evaluating public policies. It will also convene a national conference on rural women and one on women in local government as well as advocate in parliament for the recommendations outlined in its policy papers on amending the political party law.

Strengthening Youth Participation

Humetna Association


To strengthen youth participation in local governance in Medjez el Bab. The organization will lead a local governance council in monitoring municipal work, produce a monthly report on the performance of the municipality, disseminate monthly videos with local council members discussing the reports, publish monthly policy recommendations, and produce weekly videos on key issues facing citizens in Medjez el Bab.

Women’s Political Participation

Voix d’Eve


To promote women’s participation in the political process, raise awareness of and advocate for women’s economic and social rights in Sidi Bouzid. The organization will engage local women activists; conduct trainings on women’s political leadership, the legal framework for women’s rights, and human rights issues facing rural women; organize voter awareness campaigns; and produce a study on women’s participation in political life.

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