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Turkey 2017

Advocating Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Information


To advocate freedom of expression and assembly according to Turkish and international law. The project will work with a network of NGOs to carry out a campaign to counter current anti-democratic legislation and limits to freedom of expression, in particular those targeting writers, journalists, academics and students.


Enhancing Political Party Competition

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To promote open, constructive, and policy-based political competition. The institute will seek to strengthen Turkey’s partnerships by utilizing public opinion and policy-based polling, facilitating policy discussions, assisting in policy development and advocacy efforts, and continuing to promote youth political leadership.


Enhancing the Resilience of Civil Society

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To bolster the resilience and effectiveness of Turkey’s civil society. Project activities will contribute to the national reform process. The project will continue to provide reliable information and analysis to shape discussion of reforms.


Fostering Transparency, Accountability and Access to Information through Open Data

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To foster increased transparency and accountability by providing understandable government data to private sector stakeholders and other citizens, and to build the capacity of the local partner to raise awareness of the importance of open data to the democratic aspirations of private sector stakeholders and citizens in Turkey. The center will develop an online, open-data platform to push back against the government’s monopolization and manipulation of the information and content space.


Promoting Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association

Freedom of Association


To bolster respect for the right of freedom of assembly in Turkey. The project will strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and attorneys to effectively monitor freedom of assembly and build a constructive dialogue between civil society actors and public authorities through pilot programs.


Promoting Public Accountability

Accountability and Governance


To promote issue-based political discourse, to enhance transparency, accountability, and participation as core values in Turkish public life. A fact-checking portal will report on the accuracy and consistency of statements of elected leaders, candidates for public office, and other officials. 


Strengthening Capacity of Turkish Independent Media

Freedom of Information


To advocate for open and independent press, restore public confidence in Turkish media, and support independent journalists. Project activities will include maintaining a media monitoring website and engaging journalists to report on press integrity, promoting digital media, supporting investigative journalism, and advocating for freedom of information.


Strengthening Inclusivity in Civil Society Media

NGO Strengthening


To build communication capacity of Turkish CSOs the organization will engage CSOs from Turkey’s diverse religious and ethnical communities. The program will moderate a series of gatherings among diverse communities to identify shared ground and common denominators for future collaboration.


Strengthening Rule of Law in Turkey

Rule of Law


To strengthen the foundations of the rule of law and to support rule of law defenders. The project will host four two-day colloquiums, covering a range of rule of law topics and bringing together renowned Turkish legal scholars, future law professors, and doctoral candidates from among law faculties.


Strengthening the Private Sector to Combat Corruption through Collective Action  

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To mobilize a coalition of private sector stakeholders around an anti-corruption compliance initiative and to increase adoption of ethical business and compliance practices within the Turkish private sector. The center will help Turkish private sector organizations to form a consensus-based coalition committed to combating corruption and adopting stronger ethical business standards in a practical, measurable, and systematic manner.


Uncovering a Democratic Constituency

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To galvanize a potential non-partisan, pro-democracy constituency of Turkey’s voters under a constructive reform agenda. The institute will support a local partner understanding to better understand diverse voter preferences on democracy issues and develop strategies to engage them in ongoing initiatives.

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