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Turkey 2018

Advocating for Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Information


To advocate freedom of expression and assembly according to Turkish and international law. The project will work with a network of NGOs to carry out a campaign to counter current anti-democratic legislation and limits to freedom of expression, in particular those targeting writers, journalists, academics and students.

Empowering CSOs through Issue-Based Dialogue

Conflict Resolution


To build the communication capacities of local CSOs. The program activities will engage a diverse set of actors to promote civic dialogue. The program will moderate a series of gatherings to identify shared ground and common values for future collaboration.

Enhancing Political Party Competition and Strengthening Turkey’s Western Partnerships

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To promote open, constructive and policy-based political competition in Turkey and strengthen Turkey’s partnerships with the West, the Institute will utilize public opinion and policy-based polling to inform political party leaders and encourage issue-based messaging, and will equip emerging political leaders with fundamental political and policy-centered skills while encouraging cross-party collaboration.

Fostering Democracy Through Strengthening Local Institutions

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To improve the capacity of associations to be a voice for reform; and to promote the participation of local private sector leaders in regional policymaking and economic development decision-making. The center will work with a local partner to deliver contextualized civic leadership and advocacy training to strengthen local institutions and help establish a public-private dialogue platform to foster an inclusive and participatory democracy. 

Promoting Democracy and Human Rights

Democratic Ideas and Values


To promote a constructive, collaborative atmosphere among diverse civil society actors based on democracy and human rights principles and to provide a civic-led platform to debate and discuss democratic norms. The organization will conduct citizens’ dialogue debates for civic and human rights advocates to promote civic ownership of concepts of democracy, human rights, rule of law, and checks and balances.

Promoting Freedom of Assembly

Freedom of Association


To raise awareness of the importance of the right to freedom of assembly in Turkey and to promote legislative change with regards to laws and policies impacting the right to peaceful association. The project will strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and attorneys to effectively monitor freedom of assembly and build a constructive dialogue between civil society actors and public authorities.

Promoting Informed Democratic Discourse

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To promote informed democratic discourse. The institute will initiate dialogues on Turkey’s cultural precedents for democracy and make information on legislation and public policy more accessible. Online and in-person engagement will enable citizens to better understand policy developments and how democratic principles relate to their own priorities and values.

Promoting Public Accountability

Accountability and Governance


To promote issue-based political discourse, and enhance transparency, accountability, and participation as core values in public life. A fact-checking portal will report on the accuracy and consistency of statements of elected leaders, candidates for public office, and other officials.

Promotion of Transparency and Anti-corruption Legislation

Accountability and Governance


To advocate shared responsibility of local civil society, media, and other organizations to be watchdogs and hold public institutions accountable, and to propose transparency and fiscal responsibility legislation. The organization will carry out a series of activities to advocate transparency and anti-corruption measures and ultimately propose transparency and fiscal responsibility draft legislation.

Strengthening Capacity of Turkish Independent Media

Freedom of Information


To advocate for open and independent press, restore public confidence in Turkish media, and support independent journalists. Project activities will include maintaining a media monitoring website and engaging journalists to report on press integrity, promoting digital media, supporting investigative journalism, and advocating for freedom of information.

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