Middle East and Northern Africa

West Bank / Gaza 2018

Advancing Social Accountability

Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution


To promote accountability on social development services through youth participation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The grantee will strengthen youth engagement on advancing social accountability and democratic reform through mentoring three youth watchdog teams and assessing the delivery of social services in the three governorates of Gaza, Nablus, and Hebron.

Civic Education through Youth Leadership

Palestinian Initiative for Supporting Students (ESNAD)


To inspire and engage youth in public life through the promotion of moderate views on Islam, pluralism, and civil rights compatible with universally-recognized rights among Palestinian youth. The grantee will empower youth to engage constructively and positively in their local communities and to develop critical life skills, including time-management, goal setting, and time management.

Civic Engagement and Accountability in Gaza

Civitas Institute


To engage youth in Gaza in civic action, oversight of, and interaction with local representatives on accountability and anti-corruption measures. The grantee will lead two four-day capacity-building courses on anti-corruption mechanisms, and support trainees to develop 30 social audit reports. The grantee will also conduct 30 discussion groups and 30 awareness sessions for grassroots activists, and produce 30 video clips that highlight the reports’ findings.

Expanding Democracy and a Civic Culture through Education

Human Rights and Democracy Media Center (Shams)


To promote democratic and human rights values and norms within sharia colleges in the West Bank. The grantee will lead 10 three-hour workshops on tolerance and citizenship at five sharia universities, lead two capacity-building workshops for 20 sharia teachers and 20 sharia students, and mentor and remotely assist the trained teachers as they lead a minimum of 10 classroom lectures.  The organization will also organize a five-hour roundtable on the Islamic studies curriculum, and publish and distribute a report with recommendations on how to amend the curriculum to include democratic values.

Holding Public Officials Accountable

Safad Advertising Company (Wattan TV)


To promote government accountability to the media and its viewing audience. The grantee will produce and broadcast episodes of a hard-talk television program. The 50-minute recorded program, which will start its ninth season, addresses accountability of the Palestinian Authority in ministries and municipalities, as well as civil society representatives and decision-makers in political, economic, and social realms.

Promoting Democratic Elections

The Arab World Democracy and Electoral Monitor


To strengthen representation of and response to university students’ needs and priorities in the West Bank. The organization will conduct a comprehensive study on current student council election law at six universities, lead regional workshops, and train six groups of student election observers who will produce election-monitoring reports on student council elections.

Promoting Rights-focused Leadership in Gaza

Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights


To promote a rights-based culture of youth leadership in the Gaza Strip. The organization will lead seven two-day workshops on human rights for 210 university students, and mentor its 234-member youth group. For this group, the grantee will conduct two five-day advanced human rights and advocacy trainings, and support members as they lead youth initiatives for their communities.

Promoting Youth Leadership through Debates

The General Union of Cultural Centers


To promote the role of youth in civic and public life as part of anticipated Palestinian reform efforts. The organization will work with its established 40-member Leadership Youth Committee for youth inclusion future political opportunities. The group will lead a seven-day training course on debating, and mentor members as they organize 21 local debates among youth, including a final debate in Gaza City.

Strengthening Youth Engagement in Civic and Political Processes

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To facilitate opportunities for young Palestinians to engage in civic and political life. The institute will launch a civic education and debate program in local universities in the West Bank to enhance young Palestinians’ knowledge of, and participation in, political and civic processes. In addition, the institute will provide technical and financial assistance to three civil society organizations to engage youth volunteers in carrying out advocacy campaigns and community activities aimed at strengthening municipal accountability.

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