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Yemen 2018

“Women’s Voices” Radio Program

Ramz Development Foundation


To empower women at the grassroots level to influence policymaking. The grantee will produce 40 radio programs featuring 300 women from different classes, broadcast each one-hour program live every week; hold a one-day workshop to present the radio program outcomes to 40 representatives from  government bodies, local and international organizations, and media; and produce and distribute a report on women’s priorities.

Advocating Internally Displaced People’s Rights

Forum for Students of the Marib Cultural Development College


To engage civil society organizations in advocating for the rights of internally displaced people (IDPs) in Marib. The grantee will continue working with a network of eight local organizations to advocate for local government to address IDP and host community needs, monitor and document new cases of denying IDPs’ social and economic rights, conduct monthly field visits to IDP camps, and hold monthly public meetings to convene local government representatives, citizens, IDP, media and donors.

Democratic Values in Education

Yemen Will Triumph


To promote democratic values in education through filmmaking. The grantee will train 16 young men and women to promote democratic values in education; produce four short films; hold a Democratic Values in Education film event for 400 representatives from the education and higher education systems, civil society, media, local government and citizens; and engage 500 youth in 9 discussion sessions in Sana’a to solicit volunteer initiatives that translate the films’ messages into an action to promote democratic values.

Empowering Youth in Aden

Alf Ba Civilian Coexistence Foundation


To incorporate youth into decision-making processes through establishing shadow local youth councils to engage with elected local councils. The grantee will train 20 youth from four districts in Aden on political participation and local governance functions; identify weaknesses in local governance; involve youth in the work of the elected local council to participate in local government; and convene two dialogues targeting 160 representatives from the local councils, youth councils, and civil society to map out plans for improving local council performance.

Empowering Youth Leadership in Local Communities

Wogood For Human Security Foundation


To empower youth activists to advocate for local community needs and identify policy solutions to local issues. The grantee will train youth on debate skills, then conduct debates in each of Aden’s eight districts, to find solutions to local needs. Debate attendees will include representatives from local government, civil society, media and citizens. The arguments presented will be documented in policy briefs that will be published after each debate.

Monitoring Human Rights

National Forum for Human Rights


To raise public awareness of human rights violations in Yemen and advocate redress for victims. The grantee’s monitors throughout all 22 provinces will document human rights abuses, produce four quarterly reports and one comprehensive annual report on the state of human rights in Yemen, and disseminate the reports to Yemeni and international organizations.

Monitoring Humanitarian Assistance Aid

Social Center for Militating Illegal Earning


To strengthen civic oversight of humanitarian assistance aid to Yemen. The grantee will train monitors to map humanitarian assistance actors, monitor the humanitarian assistance process and delivery of aid organizations, conduct field visits to the areas benefitting from humanitarian aid, produce a final report with recommendations to address gaps, and convene three discussion sessions to present the study’s findings.

Oversight of Local Budget and Spending

Resource Foundation for Development and Human Rights


To strengthen civic oversight of local budgeting in Taiz. The grantee will train a cadre of 20 youth on monitoring and documenting local budgets and spending in Taiz and conduct field visits to local offices of related ministries and public sector agencies. It will also convene two discussion sessions to present its findings, produce a final report with recommendations to address gaps in monitoring and documentation, and establish a website for tracking budgets and spending.

Private Sector Leadership in Revitalizing Communities in Conflict

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To enhance the influence of the provincial coalitions in advocating local authorities to address economic and humanitarian challenges, and improve the private sector’s role in bridging political divides at the national level.  The center and its local partners will produce studies that assess the banking sector crisis, empower local private sector-led coalitions to reinforce dialogue and advocate reforms at the local level, and inform public opinion on the economic and humanitarian indicators within conflict.

Promote Peace building in Aden

Yemeni Center for Human Rights Studies


To mobilize civil society in Aden to promote peacebuilding. The organization will select ten youth to conduct an assessment study of previous peacebuilding efforts in Aden in order to identify lessons learned. The grantee will also hold eight workshops targeting civil society, produce a brief report with recommendations on the role of civil society to promote peace in Aden, and convene a final meeting for 30 representatives from civil society to explore possible avenues for cooperation to implement the recommendations.

Promote youth leadership

Improve Your Society Organization for Development and Peace


To promote youth leadership in the context of conflict. The grantee will train 20 youth on leadership in conflict and fragile state contexts, convene a workshop for youth to identify two priorities on issues relevant to fixing fragile states, and conduct four initiatives targeting 120 representatives from civil society, media, local government, academics, political parties and citizens.

State building in post-conflict

Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies


To influence national and international policies regarding state building in post-conflict Yemen through think tank research. The grantee will enlist an independent think tank consisting of expert researchers and representatives from civil society organizations to produce four policy papers on post-conflict state building from social and political perspectives. A public meeting will also be held to advocate for context-based recommendations to address the social and political issues that will affect state building in post-conflict Yemen.

Strengthening Accountability

Resonate Yemen


To strengthen accountability through civic engagement and think-tank research. The grantee will build capacity on accountability for five emerging organizations from Sana’a, Taize, Aden, Marib and Hadramout; produce policy papers on accountability and good governance; facilitate exchanges; and encourage cooperation among organizations working on accountability to establish a social accountability network at the national level.

Strengthening Youth Engagement with Local Government

Democratic Youth Foundation


To strengthen youth engagement with local government in order to increase responsiveness to community needs in Hadramout. The grantee will train 15 youth on political empowerment and local administration and conduct a needs assessment targeting 90 citizens. It will also engage a minimum of 350 citizens with the local councils in eight public meetings to deliberate and develop solutions to pressing social, economic, and community development issues.

Supporting Social Cohesion in Hadramout

Al-Nahdah Social Association


To promote civic engagement and social cohesion in the Hadramout region. The grantee will hold ten open discussion sessions on developing a shared future vision for the community to address the pressing issues identified by community members. Participants will include local community leaders as well as Yemeni diaspora originally from Hadramout.

Youth Civic Engagement in Tahama

Live to Give


To promote youth engagement in addressing the humanitarian crisis and advocating for sustainable solutions in Tahama region. The grantee will train 20 youth council members in three districts; hold four workshops for 180 representatives from local government, donors, and community members; and provide support to the youth council to follow up on the implementation of plans adopted by the stakeholders.

Youth Cultural and Free Expression Forum

Basement Cultural Foundation


To provide a safe platform for youth dialogue, cultural expression, and engagement at a time of conflict. In response to shrinking space for youth participation in public life, the grantee will identify four themes of interest to Yemeni youth that it will address through publishing articles, producing video clips, and conducting public discussions.

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