Middle East and Northern Africa

Yemen 2020

“Women’s Voices” Radio Program

Ramz Development Foundation


To empower women at the grassroots level to influence policymaking. The grantee will produce new episodes of its radio program “Women’s Voices” featuring diverse women. The organization will also train women lawyers to monitor court cases dealing with women’s rights in Sana’a; hold a workshop to present project findings to representatives from government, local and international organizations, and media; and produce and distribute a final report.

Advocating for Internally Displaced People and Reconstruction in Tahamah

Live to Give


To engage youth from underserved districts in advocating for reconstruction and internally displaced people. The grantee will train and mentor four youth teams to advocate for internally displaced people (IDPs) and reconstruction in two war-torn districts. The youth teams will monitor and document IDP needs and damaged infrastructure, produce quarterly and annual reports on their findings, compile stories of victims of conflict, and advocate authorities to improve conditions for these communities.

Empowering Youth in Aden

Alf Ba Civilian Coexistence Foundation


To incorporate youth into decision-making processes through establishing shadow youth councils to engage with elected local councils. The grantee will provide advanced training and mentorship to shadow youth council members in four districts in Aden, identify weaknesses in local governance, offer youth practical experience in local government by involving them in the work of elected local councils, and hold monthly meetings. Public workshops for local stakeholders will produce plans for improving local council performance.

Engaging Judges in Legal Reforms

Yemen Women Judges Forum


To engage judges in legal reforms related to international human rights conventions ratified by the Yemeni government. The grantee will continue its work to facilitate discussions on legal reform and enforcement in Yemen. The grantee and its cadre of judges will lead a series of training workshops for legal professionals and employees who work with women prisoners.

Independent Media Coverage of Peace Negotiations

Al Mushahid for Media Production


To strengthen independent journalism, and in particular independent media coverage of peace and reconciliation efforts. The organization will work with its network of journalists across Yemen to report on local-level as well as national and international peace negotiations and initiatives. The organization will create a new section on its news website dedicated to this coverage, which will include regular news reports, case studies from other global conflicts and peace processes, and a catalog of past and present peace negotiations in Yemen.

Mapping Accountability Mechanisms

Social Center for Militating Illegal Earning


To strengthen civic oversight and accountability for public service provision. The grantee will conduct a comprehensive study of accountability mechanisms, which will include surveys, field visits, workshops, and an advocacy campaign to present the findings of its study to key stakeholders and to activate the mechanisms of accountability.

Monitoring Human Rights

National Forum for Human Rights


To raise public awareness of human rights violations in Yemen and advocate redress for victims. The grantee will monitor, compile an evidence-based record, and report on human rights violations in all 22 Yemeni governorates. The grantee will produce and disseminate an annual report on the state of human rights in Yemen and network with international human rights defenders and organizations.

Monitoring Public Services

Improve Your Society Organization for Development and Peace


To engage youth in promoting better governance of public services in Taiz. The grantee will train youth on tactics of advocacy and accountability in conflict zones, conduct weekly visits to the departments of water, sewage and sanitation in three districts, produce quarterly monitoring reports, present its findings to local authorities and follow up on action, and hold public meetings to engage the community and stakeholders.

Oversight of Local Budget and Spending

Resource Foundation for Development and Human Rights


To strengthen civic oversight of local budgeting in Taiz. The grantee will continue monitoring and documenting local budgets and spending in Taiz, conduct field visits to local offices of related ministries and public sector agencies, convene discussion sessions to present the findings, produce a final report with recommendations to address gaps, and develop its website for tracking budgets and spending.

Private Sector Leadership in improving Economic Conditions at the Provincial Level

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To support the Economic Reform Team (ERT) and local coalitions in advancing public policies at the local and national level. The grantee and its local partners will engage local authorities in private sector roundtables and public-private dialogues as well as offer strategic guidance to the Yemeni Central Bank (YCB). By engaging the local authorities and providing support to the YCB as it attempts to enhance economic conditions, the ERT and its partners can work to improve the livelihoods of, and alleviate the suffering of, Yemeni citizens.

Promoting Democratic Values through Film

Yemen Will Triumph

Supplement $19,000

To counter disinformation, with a particular focus on COVID-19. The grantee will establish and train a fact-checking unit that will identify and fact-check media posts that spread incorrect information about the pandemic. YWT will produce a series of infographics and short videos to counter the disinformation based on its fact-checking efforts and disseminate it to the Yemeni public on Facebook and Instagram.

Promoting Democratic Values through Film

Yemen Will Triumph


To promote democratic values through films and filmmaking. The grantee will provide mentorship and hands-on training to young men and women on filmmaking and democratic ideas and values; produce short films; hold a film screening for civil society, media, local government, and educators; and engage youth in discussion sessions in Sana’a to encourage volunteer initiatives that translate the films’ messages into action.

Promoting Inclusive Political Parties and Civic Engagement

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To build the capacity of political parties to enhance the inclusion of women and youth in party leadership positions and decision-making processes. The institute will help parties establish internal inclusion mechanisms and support women and youth members in leading internal party discussions, developing citizen-centered party platforms, and engaging with community members in civic action. By enhancing their inclusion of women and youth, Yemen’s political parties will demonstrate greater responsiveness to citizen needs, increase cooperation across party and ethnic lines, and promote a more sustainable peace in a post-conflict environment.

Strengthening Independent Media

Studies & Economic Media Center


To strengthen independent media organizations and support strategic planning to guide and sustain their work in a turbulent context. The organization will lead a training program in four provinces to equip media outlets that are struggling due to the war or financial difficulties with the tools needed to enhance their professionalism and financial stability. Expert trainers will work with the media outlets to develop and begin implementing strategic plans.

Strengthening Youth Engagement with Local Government

Democratic Youth Foundation


To strengthen youth engagement with local government to improve the quality of governance in Hadramout. The grantee will train youth on monitoring local government performance, particularly for the implementation of government construction projects and protection of public spaces. The organization will conduct an assessment study as well as engage citizens with the local councils in public meetings to identify, deliberate, and develop solutions to improve the quality of public projects

Youth Cultural and Free Expression Forum

Basement Cultural Foundation


To provide a safe platform and an opportunity for improving youth dialogue, critical thinking, and debate skills, at a time of conflict. To respond to the shrinking space for youth participation in public life, the grantee will identify themes of interest to youth that it will address through publishing articles, producing video clips, and conducting public

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