Middle East and Northern Africa

Yemen 2019

“Women’s Voices” Radio Program

Ramz Development Foundation


To empower women at the grassroots level to influence policymaking. The grantee will produce radio programs featuring women from different classes, broadcast each one-hour program live every week. The organization will hold a one-day workshop to present the radio program outcomes targeting representatives from government bodies, local and international organizations, and media, and produce and distribute a report on women’s priorities.

Advocating for IDPs and Reconstruction in Tahamah

Live to Give


To engage youth from underserved districts in advocating for reconstruction and internally displaced people in the Tahamah region. The grantee will train and mentor four youth teams to advocate for internally displaced people (IDPs) and reconstruction in two war-torn districts. The youth teams will monitor and document IDP needs and damaged infrastructure, produce quarterly and annual reports on their findings, compile stories of victims of conflict, and advocate authorities to improve conditions for these communities.

Advocating Internally Displaced People’s Rights

Forum for Students of the Marib Cultural Development College


To engage civil society organizations in advocating for the rights of internally displaced people (IDPs) in Marib. The grantee will continue working with its network of local organizations to advocate for IDPs. It will monitor the performance of the newly established Government Joint Committee for Responding to IDP Needs through field visits to IDP camps in ten districts and monthly public meetings. The project will also establish an e-platform to encourage the local government to respond to IDP and host community needs.

Empowering Youth in Aden

Alf Ba Civilian Coexistence Foundation


To incorporate youth into decision-making processes through establishing shadow youth councils to engage with elected local councils. The grantee will provide advanced training and mentorship to shadow youth council members in three districts in Aden, identify weaknesses in local governance, offer youth practical experience in local government by involving them in the work of elected local councils, and hold monthly meetings. Public workshops for local stakeholders will produce plans for improving local council performance.

Engaging Judges in Legal Reforms

Yemen Women Judges Forum


To engage judges in legal reforms related to international human rights conventions ratified by the Yemeni government. The grantee will facilitate discussions on legal reforms in Yemen by conducting analyses to identify obstacles preventing the judiciary from complying with international conventions and to offer recommendations. The grantee will enlist judges from across Yemen, hold workshops in Sana’a and Aden, and disseminate its recommendations to the judiciary branch, legislative branch, civil society, government, and media.


Engaging Youth in Promoting Community Security

Wogood For Human Security Foundation


To advocate the local government to improve the security situation in Aden. The grantee will hold a three-day planning workshop for youth to prepare for public dialogue with local police bodies to address security issues, then hold public meetings for representatives from local government, the Ministry of Interior Affairs, civil society, media and citizens. The grantee will document the outcome of the public meetings and share them with the broader public through online media.

Monitoring Human Rights

National Forum for Human Rights


To raise public awareness of human rights violations in Yemen and advocate redress for victims. The grantee will monitor, compile an evidence-based record, and report on human rights violations in all 22 Yemeni governorates. The grantee will produce and disseminate an annual report on the state of human rights in Yemen and network with international human rights defenders and organizations.

Monitoring Public Services

Improve Your Society Organization for Development and Peace


To promote the role of youth in monitoring and advocating for improved public services in Taiz. The grantee will train youth on monitoring public services and citizen engagement, conduct weekly visits to the departments of education, water and sewage in three districts, produce quarterly monitoring reports, present its findings to local authorities and follow up, and hold public meetings to engage the community and stakeholders.

Oversight of Local Budget and Spending

Resource Foundation for Development and Human Rights


To strengthen civic oversight of local budgeting in Taiz. The grantee will train youth on monitoring and documenting local budgets and spending in Taiz, conduct field visits to local offices of related ministries and public sector agencies, convene discussion sessions to present the findings, produce a final report with recommendations to address gaps, and establish a website for tracking budgets and spending.

Political Party Renewal and Civic Engagement

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To build the capacity of political parties in Yemen to participate effectively in post-conflict negotiations and governance. The institute will facilitate party renewal efforts that help political entities redefine their policy platforms, mend internal fractures, and develop outreach strategies to expand and solidify their constituent bases. To equip parties with the capacity to develop platforms and plans that respond to citizens’ concerns, the institute will help foster dialogue between them and key stakeholders in Yemen including civil society, women, and youth representatives.

Promoting Democratic Values through Film

Yemen Will Triumph


To promote democratic values and education through film. The grantee will train young men and women on filmmaking and democratic ideas and values; produce short films; hold a film screening for representatives from the education system, civil society, media, local government and citizens; and engage youth in discussion sessions in Sana’a to encourage volunteer initiatives that translate the films’ messages into action.

Restoring Independent Media

Thakera for Media Production


To help rebuild Yemen’s independent media sector and to support at-risk journalists in exile. The grantee will facilitate an online citizen and investigative journalism platform focused on current political and economic developments in Yemen. It will reach out to veteran and junior journalists inside and outside Yemen to produce and publish impartial and credible media content on critical topics.

Strengthening Accountability

Resonate Yemen


To strengthen accountability through civic engagement and think-tank research. The grantee will provide technical and financial assistance to five emerging organizations from Sana’a, Taiz, Aden, Ibb and Hadramout. The grantee will also produce policy papers on accountability and good governance, facilitate exchanges and encourage cooperation among organizations working on accountability to establish a national social accountability network.

Strengthening Civil Society Coordination and Strategic Planning

The Project on Middle East Democracy


To strengthen civil society organizations’ (CSO) collaboration and strategic planning to enhance civic engagement during and post-conflict. The grantee will establish a working group comprised of 15 Yemeni CSOs, hold workshops for the members to prepare an agenda of Yemeni civil society priorities, identify a series of short- and long-term goals at both the local and national levels, and develop and action plan. The project will also provide one-on-one consultations for members as they develop their own organization’s strategic plans in light of collective priorities identified by the group.

Strengthening Youth Engagement with Local Government

Democratic Youth Foundation


To strengthen youth engagement with local government to increase responsiveness to community needs in Hadramout. The grantee will train youth on political empowerment and local administration, conduct a needs assessment study, engage citizens with the local councils in public meetings to identify, deliberate, and develop solutions to pressing social, economic, and community development issues.

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