Lesotho 2021

Solidarity Center (SC)

Trade Unions and CSO Advocacy for Anti-GBVH Protection Mechanisms


To strengthen union and civil society capacity to advocate for the enforcement of anti-GBVH protection mechanisms effectively and sustainably in the workplaces in Lesotho; and to increase workers’ and the public’s awareness of anti-GBVH protection mechanisms available in Lesotho. The Center will support partner collaboration, facilitate planning meetings, education and awareness raising workshops, radio talk shows, and internal policy development, all of which will increase public awareness, strengthen collaboration between CSOs and unions, and improve the advocacy efforts for enforcement of anti-GBVH protection mechanisms, hence improving workers’ participation in the governance processes. This project will be implemented in Lesotho. Through subawards, the Center will support and collaborate with the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) to jointly support the partners in Lesotho, further aiding the implementation of project activities.