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At a time when understanding what helps or hinders democratic progress around the world is more critical than ever, the International Forum for Democratic Studies is uniquely positioned at the nexus of democratic scholarship and activism to address these complex issues. As a leading center for analysis and discussion of the theory and practice of democracy around the world, the Forum complements NED’s core mission – assisting civil society groups abroad in their efforts to foster and strengthen democracy – by linking the academic community with activists from across the globe. Through several interrelated and expanding initiatives, the Forum responds to challenges facing countries around the world by analyzing opportunities for democratic transition, reform, and consolidation. Given the growing authoritarian pushback against democracy, understanding the increasingly sophisticated methods of authoritarian regimes represents another crucial area of study.



Among the Forum’s central activities are research and conference initiatives that seek to analyze the challenges of democracy and democratization. In addition to organizing public and private  events featuring expert analysis on the challenges to democracy around the world, the Forum also contributes to ongoing debates on democracy by sharing new research and analysis from its network of democracy scholars through a number of digital platforms.


To learn more about the work of the Forum, visit the Forum News section and browse our Events listing. For additional information, email forum@ned.org.

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