Defending the Integrity of the Information Space

Around the globe, once-stable democracies face rising political tension, polarization, and stagnation amid global autocratic expansion. The growing adoption of new communication technologies has accelerated authoritarian actors’ efforts to undermine public trust in the information sphere, and placed civil society and democratic governments on the defensive.

The Forum works with civil society organizations to retake the initiative in this domain by leveraging democracy’s natural advantages to counter autocratic information operations and disinformation narratives; convene key stakeholders across sectors; and build healthy, democratic information ecosystems.

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How Disinformation Impacts Politics and Publics

An explainer on proactive and reactive disinformation strategies in different country contexts.

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Adam Fivenson is a senior program officer at the National Endowment for Democracy's International Forum for Democratic Studies where he manages the research portfolio for defending the integrity of the information space.

Distinguishing Disinformation from Propaganda, Misinformation, and "Fake News"

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