Sri Lanka 2021

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Strengthening Civil Society Networks for Active Political Participation


To raise awareness of political and social rights, provide a venue for reflection and discussion, and empower participants to take action on issues of concern. The organization will conduct a series of community discussions and learning workshops aimed at engaging youth, including university students, and women’s network leaders on democracy, good governance, and transitional justice issues.

Sri Lanka 

Uva Shakthi Foundation

Promoting Citizen Participation and Enhancing Capacity in Estate Tamil Communities


To promote citizen participation, inter-ethnic solidarity, and local government accountability in estate Tamil communities. The organization will conduct trainings on governance and democracy to raise awareness among Indian Origin Tamils working in the estate sector of their roles and responsibilities as citizens and encourage their full participation in Sri Lankan society.

Sri Lanka 

The International Working Group on Sri Lanka Ltd.

Tracking Transnational Economic Crimes


To document and raise awareness about corruption and economic crimes, including identifying individuals and institutions involved from Sri Lanka as well as those that abet them from abroad, and the damaging consequences for rule of law and democratic values. The organization will focus on the transnational character of these crimes and research which countries are implicated and being used as money laundering hubs.

Sri Lanka 

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Continued Support for Grassroots Youth Leadership and Political Engagement


To support Sri Lankan civil society efforts focusing on preserving the democratic space through youth leadership and political engagement. The Institute aims to cultivate youth agency by developing their political engagement skills; provide opportunities for youth to implement those skills through community engagement and advocacy activities; and create the political space for them to engage with power holders.

Sri Lanka 

Centre for Justice and Change

Leadership Development for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights


To support the development of community leaders and advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights in eastern Sri Lanka. The organization will undertake a multi-faceted training program in Trincomalee and Batticaloa districts aimed at strengthening the capacity of village leaders, including its staff, youth, and women, to raise awareness about the needs of their communities and advocate on their behalf.

Sri Lanka 

Centre for Human Rights and Development

Redressing Victim Communities through Legal Assistance & Advocacy


To raise awareness about and seek redress for victims of human rights violations. The organization will provide legal aid in cases of human rights violations, including rape, torture, and detention under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), provisions of which are contrary to international human rights standards. In addition, the organization will conduct advocacy and public awareness campaigns supporting a more transparent judicial system and calling for the repeal of the PTA and other policies that infringe on civil liberties and human rights.

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Centre for Environmental Justice (Guarantee) Limited

Citizen Participation in Monitoring Economic Development


To promote good governance, adherence to regulations for transparency and accountability, and the rule of law in the development sector and strengthen legal protection for communities adversely affected by severe environmental degradation as a result of development. The center will raise awareness about decision-making in the development sector and equip civil society and relevant government actors with the appropriate tools to engage in the development process.

Sri Lanka 

Aham Humanitarian Resource Center

Developing a Forum for Democratic Actors in the Eastern Province


To foster relationships between elected local government members, local journalists, and CSOs to advance transparency and accountability in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka. The project seeks to establish a forum in which these three groups regularly interact and share information among each other to build trust and recognize their roles in a democratic society. Activities will include regular forum meetings and capacity building trainings to build relationships between and skills for these groups

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Universal Rights

Promoting Freedom of Expression and Access to Independent Journalism


To generate content and spur debate around democratic governance, human rights, and other critical political issues in Sri Lanka. The organization will maintain an independent media network that researches and publishes articles, interviews, feature pieces, and videos that highlight contemporary political issues for distribution in the country. The organization will provide informative content for a variety of news outlets.