Brazil 2021

Associação Artigo 19 Brasil

Protecting Technology and Civic Space in the 2022 Electoral Process


To promote the effective use of technology and digital voting. The organization will educate citizens, journalists, and key stakeholders on the use of digital technologies in the 2022 electoral process to promote confidence in the elections. They will monitor and raise awareness of threats to the integrity of citizen participation and digital voting and conduct advocacy to promote legislative proposals to protect these mechanisms.


Instituto Sou da Paz

Fostering Democratic Debate about Public Security Policy


To promote informed public scrutiny of security policies in Brazil, and to foster public awareness of the importance of democratic public security policies. The organization will train a diverse array of journalists from national and local, grassroots media outlets on methodologies to gather public security information to produce reports and hold authorities accountable. The grantee will also train influential social media communicators and influencers on these methodologies and publish a manual on access to public security information requests.


Politize! – Instituto de Educação Política

Dialogue Networks in Brazil


To stimulate a culture of dialogue and respect for diverse opinions. The organization will promote constructive discourse around sensitive topics by developing content and materials for youth engagement, including detailed curricula and training for teachers, regarding tolerance and respectful debates that will be used in schools. The organization will engage social media influencers, civil society networks, and its own volunteers to ensure that multiple audiences participate in these activities around the country.



Delibera: Promoting New Forms of Citizen Engagement with Government


To demonstrate the merit of citizen deliberation as an effective approach to public decision-making processes. The organization will support the implementation of deliberative processes, known as mini publics, to design and implement municipal legislation that deeply affects the daily lives of citizens, with a focus on the climate change agenda. The project will assist municipal authorities to understand the value and develop the know how to incorporate citizen input in legislative procedures.



Pact for Democracy


To promote democratic culture and citizen engagement to defend democratic processes and principles in Brazil. Pacto pela Democracia (Pact for Democracy) is a plural, inclusive coalition of civil society organizations committed to identifying, monitoring, and promoting democratic innovations and collective actions in response to threats to democracy.



Rede Liberdade: Defending Human Rights and Democracy Activists


To strengthen the rule of law and enhance the legal protection of human rights activists and civil society organizations (CSOs). The organization will conduct strategic litigation and legal training for CSOs to meet a growing demand for legal assistance to confront shrinking spaces for democracy and civic space, cases of harassment against human rights activists, and institutional racism.


Solidarity Center (SC)

Rights Based Approaches to Promote Freedom of Association and Inclusive Unionism


To assist unions to defend fundamental labor rights and seek improved working conditions, the Center will work with partners in a variety of economic sectors in Brazil and Paraguay to build their organizational capacity and security, enhance their communications, and improve their ability to represent vulnerable groups.


Transparência Brasil

Strengthening the Collective Advocacy Network


To strengthen the capacity of civil society to advocate effectively in the Brazilian national congress. The network will carry out capacity building activities to provide tools, knowledge, and methodologies to improve the ability of its member organizations to use evidence-based analysis, social listening, and effective communication strategies to enhance their advocacy on issues of public interest and democracy.