Africa Regional

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To promote worker and trade union participation in regional and national level human rights advocacy. The Solidarity Center will support efforts of regional and national level trade union and civil society partners to engage with international human rights reporting and complaint processes, perhaps beginning in Kenya. The Solidarity Center will also support regional and sectoral level human rights advocacy with integrated public outreach campaigns to improve the ability of unions to play an active role as human rights advocates in coalition with broader civil society.

International Republican Institute
To create a practical foundation for the expansion of democratic governance in Sub-Saharan Africa through deepening and expanding the discussion and analysis of the state of democratic local governance in the region, the Institute will conduct an assessment in six countries across Sub-Saharan Africa to study the common strengths, deficiencies, challenges and opportunities for improving democratic local governance in the region. This project will culminate with an international summit in Lagos, Nigeria at which IRI's final publication of its findings and recommendations will be presented and discussed.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
To meet the growing demand for systematic observation in sub-Sahara Africa, NDI proposes to enhance the capacities of, and expand networking opportunities for, African civil society technical experts to conduct PVTs. NDI would host an Africa PVT academy that would bring together citizen monitors to consolidate new developments and innovations in PVT methodology and identify approaches to overcoming unique logistical and political challenges in Africa.

Grant descriptions are from the 2012 NED Annual Report.