Africa Regional

Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies

Rule of Law


Democracy and Rule of Law Score Card for the East African Community of States

To promote the rule of law through evidence-based analysis of treaty commitments in the East African Community (EAC) of states, the Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies (GLISS) will establish a policy think tank in Uganda and identify and train experts in neighboring member states. GLISS will establish a Regional Reference Study Group on democracy and the rule of law and will develop a methodology and score card to monitor rule of law trends in the EAC.


National Democratic Institute for International Affairs



Helping Engage Citizens, Promote Peaceful Elections and Strengthen Civic Groups through Candidate Debates

To inform and engage citizens, promote peaceful elections and strengthen civic groups, NDI will help African nongovernmental organizations overcome logistical and political challenges to hold widely broadcast candidate debates for all levels of public office. To achieve this goal, NDI and the Nigerian Elections Debate Group will cosponsor a symposium in Abuja, Nigeria, to enable African debate sponsoring groups from more than 10 countries to exchange best practices and establish an African regional debate network to promote on-going peer support.


National Democratic Institute for International Affairs



Toward the Development of an African Union Strategy to Promote the Political Participation of Regional Youth

To assist the African Union (AU) to mainstream young people into a regional dialogue on governance and democracy in Africa, NDI will support the publication of the AU's 2013 youth report, convene three national youth consultations on democratic themes, and facilitate participation at a 2014 regional youth summit by young leaders representing the AU's five sub-regions. Through these activities and ongoing consultations with the AU Department of Political Affairs, the Institute will help the AU articulate its long-term strategy to promote the political participation of African youth.


Solidarity Center

Freedom of Association


Strengthening Trade Union Structures

To increase the ability of select African national union centers and sub-regional trade union organizations to coordinate the implementation of advocacy campaigns that will strengthen government accountability for worker and human rights.  The Solidarity Center will provide institutional support, mentoring, and support for research and advocacy activities of the East Africa Trade Union Confederation, the Southern Africa Trade Union Coordination Council, and the Ghana-Trade Union Confederation.


Solidarity Center

Freedom of Association


Promoting Gender Equality Among Unions - Phase I

To promote gender equality among unions in Africa. Toward that end, the Solidarity Center will equip a gender team, develop a regional gender strategy, train gender facilitators, and identify, adapt, and disseminate resource materials.


Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.