Africa Regional

International Republican Institute
Democratic Ideas and Values
Empowering Local Government Representatives to Undertake Democratic Governance Reforms
To empower local government representatives in sub-Saharan Africa to undertake democratic governance reforms based on regional best practices and through the development of a sustainable cadre of democratic governance expertise, IRI will conduct a comprehensive training program on democratic governance as well as a series of regional exchanges. 

Landmark University
Political Processes
African State Legislatures: Subnational Politics and National Power
To educate African governments, civil society, and academics on the conditions under which sub-national legislators in Africa can strengthen ties between citizens and government, Landmark University in Nigeria will invite scholars based at American and African universities to produce case studies on state legislators in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Africa. Landmark will hold a conference to review these case studies, and will edit the work and submit it as a unified work for publication. 

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
Supporting the African Union's Governance Architecture toward Implementation of the Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance
To assist the African Union collect information on democratic development in Africa and enhance its ability to conduct assessments of member states, holding them accountable to the Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance's commitment to establish standards for good governance in member states. The AU has requested NDI's assistance in monitoring compliance with the Charter. 

Solidarity Center
Freedom of Association
Empowering Unions to Promote Democracy, Transparency and Worker Rights in Extractive Industries 
To support efforts of African trade unions to identify democratic avenues that link union efforts to broader civil society actions promoting worker rights, resource transparency, and equitable economic development in extractive industries.  The Solidarity Center will conduct research and a series of dialogues between unions and civil society partners to develop shared goals and plans for advocacy to promote improved governance of natural resources in Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia.

Solidarity Center
Democratic Ideas and Values
Identifying Strategies and Tools to Strengthen Democratic Transitions
To promote and strengthen democratic practices in Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, South Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Swaziland trade unions. The Solidarity Center will assist and support the ITUC-Africa and African unions in building the capacity of trade unions to develop regional strategies to strengthen union growth, promote gender equality and to conduct advocacy. 

Solidarity Center
Freedom of Association
Strengthening Trade Union Capacity
To build trade union capacity to promote workers' rights to freedom of association, collective bargaining and access to legal and social protection in Liberia and Kenya.   The Solidarity Center will support efforts of COTU-K and its affiliates to understand and interpret the laws and present unfair labor rights cases to the industrial court; and strengthen the capacity of GAAWUL/FAWUL to advance workers' rights.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.