Center for International Private Enterprise

Developing Market Economy


Kenya: Promoting Local Governance Reform

To improve governance at the county level to stimulate a more participatory democracy and a positive business enabling environment. CIPE's partner, the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, will organize several public-private dialogue events and meetings with government officials to advocate for specific private sector recommendations in each county and advocate for the implementation of private sector policy recommendations. CIPE will provide technical assistance and capacity building training programs for five coalitions of business associations to engage in policy and regulatory reform with the county governments.


Center for International Private Enterprise

NGO Strengthening


Strengthening the Voice of Micro and Small Scale Entrepreneurs

To strengthen the voice of informal businesses to advocate for greater participation in democratic governance and to build the organizational capacity of business associations that represent small businesses in order to advocate for policy reform. KENASVIT will lead an advocacy campaign on issues affecting small business and raise awareness of the Kenyan Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) Act. CIPE will provide technical assistance and capacity building programs for the member associations to engage in county level policy reform.


Center for International Private Enterprise



Promoting Transparency and  Accountability in County Government Budgets

To enhance the ability of civil society to advocate for budget reforms and to promote revenue transparency in the national budget. CIPE's partner, the Institute of Economic Affairs, and a network of civil society organizations will provide input to the national and county governments on the proposed budgets and monitor actual expenditures. CIPE will organize networking meetings, a workshop on revenue analysis, and provide technical assistance to the network of civil society organizations on public-private dialogue and policy papers.


Citizens Against Violence Organization



Strengthening Peace and Local Accountability in the Nairobi Slums

To strengthen the prospects for peace and local accountability in the Nairobi slums, CAVi will train two individuals from each of Nairobi's 15 slums on early warning signs of violence, convene monthly discussions on local governance issues among the Nairobi Slum Leaders Assembly, and hold a stakeholder workshop to initiate a coordinated approach towards the protection of political and socio-economic rights of slum residents.


Institute of Human Rights and Civic Values



Promoting Local Accountability in Busia County

To promote accountability in Busia County, IHRCV will hold a three-day consultative workshop and two-day training in four zones on monitoring public expenditure, facilitate budget monitoring and tracking by selected individuals from the county, and publish a newsletter on Kenya's devolved system of government.


International Republican Institute



Increasing the Capacity of County Officials to Develop Citizen-Informed Policy

To build the capacity of county government officials and facilitate inter-county collaboration in order to strengthen government officials' ability to engage with citizens on policy issues and become more effective and responsive.  The Institute will organize and facilitate capacity building trainings for county officials, inter-county dialogues, working groups, public meetings and virtual citizen participation platforms to empower county officials and citizens.


Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance



Supporting Accountable and Inclusive County Governments

To support the emergence of accountable and inclusive county governments, Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance (KMYA) will use its bi-monthly publication, The New Dawn, to highlight major issues related to devolution, especially in regards to allocation and spending of public funds. Articles encouraging citizen engagement on issue-based politics at the local level, as well as pieces that promote moderate and peaceful voices within the Muslim community, will be published.


Media Focus on Africa Foundation

Freedom of Information


Building Media Capacity to Report on Local Government Spending

To strengthen the capacity of media professionals, Media Focus on Africa (MFA) will train Kenyan journalists from three counties on how to scrutinize county budgets and produce compelling stories that link government spending decisions with the concerns of citizens. MFA will also hold an experience sharing forum, facilitate consultative forums between journalists and county officials, and organize public discussions on the articles and radio programs produced by the trained journalists.


Peace Tree Network



Upholding Democratic Accountability in Mt. Elgon

To foster a culture of active community participation in local governance and accountability of elected leaders in Mt. Elgon, PTN will hold four workshops on Kenya's newly devolved system of government, train select individuals on budget and public expenditure tracking, and support citizen monitoring of local institutions. PTN will also convene eight democracy, human rights, and social accountability forums that will bring together local stakeholders.


Poverty Eradication Network

NGO Strengthening


Enhancing Civil Society Space In Kenya     

To advocate for the effective implementation of the 2013 Public Benefits Organization (PBO) Act and support an enabling legal environment for civil society in Kenya, Poverty Eradication Network will provide input on the rules and regulations that will operationalize the PBO Act, organize a two-day CSO forum in six counties, and continue to raise awareness about Kenya’s new CSO regulatory framework.


Women's Empowerment Link

NGO Strengthening


Promoting an Enabling Legal Framework for Civil Society

To highlight civil society’s contributions to democratization and promote an enabling legal environment, Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL) will produce a documentary entitled "The CSO Footprint in Kenya" and organize a high-level multi-sectorial meeting to discuss civil society’s role in empowering citizens, mobilizing civic participation, and strengthening democratic institutions.


Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.