Center for International Private Enterprise
NGO Strengthening
Kenya: Enhancing Private Sector Participation in Governance Reform - Phase II
To strengthen the private sector's ability to engage with the government on policymaking at the national and county levels. The Kenya Private Sector Alliance and CIPE will continue to engage parliament by providing input on constitutional bills and market-oriented policy reforms through meetings, public-private dialogue, and roundtable discussions. 

Citizens Against Violence Organization
Conflict Resolution
Promoting Democracy and Stability in Nairobi's Slums
To prevent the outbreak of violence in Nairobi's slums before and after the March 2013 national election and support regular discussions among youth on remedies to socio-economic and political challenges. CAVi will hold a two-day election monitoring training for 55 youth leaders, a one-day stakeholder meeting for civil society and public officials to develop a joint strategy to prevent electoral violence, ten intra-slum civic education workshops, and provide sustained support for the monthly Nairobi Slum Leaders Assembly. 

Vision For Change: Mobilizing Communities For Accountability
To raise the profile of citizens and their views and create new leadership and social justice movements to tackle poor governance and impunity, InformAction (IFA) will use its mobile field offices to conduct community meetings and present IFA’s documentary films on key democracy-related issues in Kenya. IFA will also maintain its interactive website (

Institute of Human Rights and Civic Values 
Civic Education
Civic Strengthening for Democratic Participation
To raise civic and human rights awareness among residents of Busia County, IHRCV will publish a manual and conduct a training of trainers for 30 community facilitators, train 30 young activists on human rights monitoring and reporting, and provide monetary and institutional support for 12 community organizers and four youth groups to foster sustained public engagement in decision making. 

International Republican Institute
Increasing the Capacity of Elected Officials and Engaging Civil Society to Improve Service Delivery
To increase cooperation between newly elected officials and civil society in order to improve overall governance and service delivery. The Institute will organize networking groups for elected officials, civil society working groups, inter-county dialogues, public hearings and town hall meetings to increase the communication between the two groups and allow for citizen influence on the policy making process and on service delivery projects.

Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance 
Supporting Accountable and Inclusive County Governments in Kenya
To support the emergence of accountable and inclusive county governments, Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance (KMYA) will use its bi-monthly publication, The New Dawn, to highlight major issues related to devolution, especially in regards to allocation and spending of public funds. Articles encouraging citizen engagement on issue-based politics at the local level, as well as pieces that promote moderate and peaceful voices within the Muslim community will be published.

Media Focus on Africa Foundation
Freedom of Information
Building Media Capacity to Report on Local Government Spending
To build the capacity of local media, Media Focus on Africa (MFA) will train 24 journalists from three counties in Kenya on how to scrutinize county budgets and produce compelling stories that link government spending decisions with the concerns of citizens. MFA will also hold an experience sharing forum for the trained journalists and three public discussions on the articles and radio programs produced by the trained journalists.

Nairobi Disabled Empowerment Programme
Promoting Public Participation among the Nairobi Disabled
To build the capacity of people with disabilities to strategically engage their leaders and facilitate the development of a county government that is inclusive and responsive to minority rights, NADEP will conduct a community forum, a three-day capacity building workshop, and advocacy training. The group will also air two radio segments that will highlight the positive contributions of the disabled and encourage collective action in demanding equal representation among this marginalized group. 

Peace Tree Network
Conflict Resolution
Enhancing Democratic Participation in Mount Elgon
To foster government accountability and peaceful coexistence in Kenya's Mt. Elgon region. PTN will conduct a five-day training on media advocacy and assist youth in broadcasting radio messages, organize a six-day civic education trip to Nairobi, hold a civic education workshop and public forums, as well as disseminate awareness raising materials and text messages to strengthen long-term democratic engagement among youth.

Sisi ni Amani Kenya (SNA-K)
Creating Dialogue and Understanding Between Citizens and Local Government
To mitigate conflict and strengthen political accountability, SNA-K will train community partners in the Rift Valley on how to effectively use SMS messaging to enhance civic knowledge, participation and local government accountability. In addition, SNA-K will facilitate policy dialogues that bring together citizens and local officials in order to discuss issues of concern and strategize on steps to address challenges faced by the community.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.