Conseil National des Organisations Syndicales Libres au Rwanda
Freedom of Association
Promoting Informal Sector Domestic Workers' Rights
To promote the rights of domestic workers in the informal sector. Conseil National des Organisations Syndicales Libres au Rwanda (COSYLI) will engage domestic workers in six districts in Kigali and Northern, Southern and Western provinces on an assessment of their work conditions, as well as educate them about their rights.

Human Rights First Rwanda Association
Freedom of Information
Promoting Access to Information and Freedom of Expression
To encourage the freedom of expression and freedom of information in Rwanda, Human Rights First Rwanda Association (HRFRA) will develop educational and communication materials for media and civil society actors and will conduct two advocacy trainings and two investigative journalism trainings. Additionally, HRFRA will further develop its network to monitor and analyze issues of freedom of expression and information.

International Bridges to Justice
Rule of Law
Legal Aid Public Defender Program
To improve criminal defendants' access to justice in Rwanda, International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) will maintain a resource center for lawyers to provide pro bono legal aid to 160 impoverished defendants. IBJ will hold two roundtables on reform of the justice sector and provide ad-hoc training and support to attorneys.

Maison de Droit
Civic Education
Improving Citizen Participation in Governance Processes and Development Planning
To promote human rights and to increase citizen engagement in governance processes, Maison de Droit will conduct a media campaign on human rights and good governance, hold a series of trainings on taking a human rights-based approach to development, conduct human rights monitoring and reporting, and organize forums for rural citizens to engage with elected officials.

Never Again Rwanda
Civic Education
Strengthening Youth Engagement with Parliament
To strengthen youth participation in decision-making processes. Never Again Rwanda (NAR) will build the capacity of its Youth Policy Working Group to effectively conduct policy advocacy, and to engage directly with parliamentarians. NAR will also produce regular reports on the needs and concerns of youth around the country, and organize radio debates on these issues.

Rwanda Good Governance Promotion and Youth Development Organization
Civic Education
Youth for Civic Education
To develop citizenship and a culture of debate among Rwandan youth, as well as to sensitize them on democratic ideals and values, the Rwanda Good Governance Promotion and Youth Development Organization (RGPYD) will hold a two-day dialogue on national identity, a three-day training for leaders of their Good Governance Clubs (GGC), a two day workshop on Rwanda’s political history, a two day seminar on the fundamentals of debate, a two day training on managing public funds, and a campaign to encourage youth to participate in the 2016 local elections.

Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.