Conflict Resolution
Engaging Youth for Peaceful Elections
The organization will engage youth in promoting and ensuring an open, participatory, and peaceful electoral process ahead of anticipated national elections in 2015. 

Strengthening Cross-Border Links for Peace
To strengthen the capacity of local peacebuilders to prevent and respond to conflicts, and mobilize communities for peace. The project will train peacebuilders, convene dialogues between communities across borders, and help communities develop projects aimed at fostering peace. 

Peace and Social Justice through Drama
To use interactive theater to promote peace and reconciliation. The project will train musicians, actors and other artist-activists in the uses of art for peacebuilding, and produce shows advocating peaceful co-existence among different Sudanese communities in three key states.

Democratic Ideas and Values
Engaging Marginalized Populations in National Political Discourse
The organization will foster dialogue and raise awareness among rural and semi-urban populations on democracy, human rights, and the role of Islam in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-religious Sudan. Working with religious leaders, intellectuals, and activists, the organization will organize a series of dialogue forums addressing these issues in three states.

Freedom of Information
Contributing to a Free Press in Sudan
The organization will promote and strengthen a free and independent press in Sudan able to cover ongoing political, social and economic events by reporting on issues that rarely receive attention. 

Strengthening Independent Media in Sudan
To provide and promote independent, reliable and professional media coverage in Sudan. The organization will launch an online newspaper, which will cover major events and developments in Sudan, with a particular focus on ongoing conflicts; and address key issues affecting the country, including democratic governance, political, social and economic development, rule of law and human rights, and peace and peaceful co-existence.

Human Rights
Support for Human Rights Defenders
To build the capacity of lawyers and other human rights defenders. The project will educate lawyers and other activists on access to justice, train human rights defenders on how to accurately and safely document human rights violations, and strengthen a network of lawyers and human rights defenders to more effectively provide legal aid to victims of human rights violations. 

Monitoring Human Rights Violations in Sudan
The organization will document and increase awareness of human rights violations committed in Sudan, advocate for justice and reparation for survivors of gross human rights violations, and promote a nuanced awareness of the political situation.

NGO Strengthening
Towards a Conducive and Peaceful Civic Environment
To build the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) to use media more effectively to advocate for democratic change, peaceful co-existence and the respect for human rights. The project will convene a series of training workshops on videography for advocacy, online social media, and visual communication and creative thinking; as well as conduct a series of bi-monthly discussion forums aimed at strengthening the relationship between CSOs and media professionals.

Political Processes
Promoting the Role of Women in Political Processes
To promote the role of women in peacebuilding efforts and other political processes. This project will train women on how to educate and insert themselves into national-level political processes, with a practical focus on constitutional and electoral procedures. 

Enhancing Youth Participation in the Constitution-Making Process
To encourage active engagement and promote effective participation among youth in Sudan's constitution-making process. This project will extend an education and advocacy campaign targeted towards youth in all 17 states of Sudan; and provide youth with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective advocacy, including online campaigning and organizing their peers.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.