North Korea

North Korea

Center for International Private Enterprise
Creating Political Space through Private Markets
To educate participants in the North Korean informal markets about entrepreneurship, free markets and the linkages between economic and societal liberalization. CIPE will partner with a local organization to make available practical and relevant information on entrepreneurship and free markets, as well as texts that illustrate the linkages between economic and personal freedom to market participants in North Korea.  

Center for Korean Women and Politics
Democracy and Leadership Program for North Korean Women
To instill democratic values and cultivate political leadership in North Korean defector women and to encourage partnership and cooperation between South and North Korean women in promoting democratic change for North Korea. The Center for Korean Women and Politics will implement a democracy and leadership program for North Korean defector women, which will also serve as a platform through which North and South Korean women can address biases and misperceptions and discuss strategies for cooperation. 

Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights
North Korean Human Rights and Democratization
To bring international attention to the human rights situation in North Korea and to promote awareness among South Koreans about North Korea. Citizens' Alliance will advocate for human rights in North  Korea to be addressed by various UN bodies, convene an international conference, and provide democratic civic education to North Korean defector youth. 

Imjingang Inc
Imjingang: A Korean-language News and Opinion Magazine
To provide a platform for North Korean citizens to share information and opinions about North Korean culture, economics, politics, and development. Imjingang will produce a Korean-language quarterly magazine using information gathered by reporters inside North Korea and distribute copies throughout the Korean peninsula and to Korean-speaking experts in the international community. 

Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights
Democracy Education for North Koreans
To raise awareness of democratic ideas and values among North Korean citizens. NKnet will provide a structured democracy education program for North Korean citizens in the region, utilizing democracy education materials that are user-friendly and relevant to those born and raised in North Korea.  

NK Reform Institute 
North Korea Reform Radio
To support the free flow of information into North Korea. NKRI will produce the North Korea Reform Radio program, which provides daily broadcasts of news, information, and commentary designed to encourage the development of independent public opinion inside the country. 

North Korea Intellectual Solidarity
NK Digital Media Project
To provide independent news and information in North Korea. NKIS will produce a digital magazine containing accurate and balanced news and information and diverse views about major issues concerning South and North Korea and the international community, and distribute it inside North Korea.

Open North Korea 
Open Radio North Korea
To support the free flow of information in North Korea. Open North Korea will produce timely and relevant news and information for the people of North Korea and provide a radio platform that enables organizations and individuals in South Korea and elsewhere to broadcast high quality informational and feature programs to North Korean audiences.

Radio Free Chosun 
Radio Free Chosun
To support the free flow of information in North Korea. Radio Free Chosun will broadcast a daily program, which provides news, features and in-depth analyses on current affairs and issues on the Korean peninsula, to the North Korean public via shortwave radio.

The Daily NK
The Daily NK: A Multilingual Online Newspaper
To disseminate accurate and timely information about North Korea. The Daily NK will produce an online newspaper serving audiences in South Korea and in the international community and provide training for citizen journalists in North Korea. The newspaper will cover news and information about North Korean politics, economics, and society.

Democratic Ideas and Values
Democracy and Market Economy Training for North Koreans
To provide democracy and free market economy education and training to North Koreans who are active or potential participants in the jangmadang, or private markets. The project will provide multimedia educational materials to North Koreans who work in the private markets and who are well-placed to convey new ideas to a wider population in North Korea. 

Youth Club
To develop democracy and leadership material suitable for North Korean youth. This project will develop self-study material, primarily in DVD format, for young North Koreans who are interested in learning about democratic ideals and values .

Freedom of Information
Increasing Communication between North and South Koreans
To increase opportunities for North Korean defectors to share accurate information about North Korea and personal experiences living in democratic South Korea with the citizens of North and South Korea. The project will include posting defector-written blog pieces and hosting online forum discussions with North and South Koreans on a variety of democracy-related issues.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.