Aware Girls
Political Empowerment of Young Women in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
To promote active citizenship and political participation among young women in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Aware Girls will train young women from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in leadership and political advocacy skills, conduct a baseline survey on women’s political participation, organize community-level meetings, and carry out civic action projects to strengthen women’s rights and civic participation.

Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation
Political Leadership Trainings for Youth in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
To promote leadership skills and values of democracy, pluralism, rule of law, and human rights among youth of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.  The Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation will conduct political leadership trainings for youth in 13 districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace
Promoting Tolerance and Democracy in Public Schools
To facilitate the development and adoption of a more tolerant and democratic curriculum in the public education system. The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace of Pakistan will produce a research study on textbook content and conduct a national-level campaign for education reform by holding public seminars, education conferences, and advocacy meetings with key decision-makers.

Center for Civic Education Pakistan
Promoting Constitutional Literacy and Fundamental Rights
To enhance public understanding of democracy and constitutionalism and strengthen citizen confidence and participation in the democratic process. The Center for Civic Education Pakistan will organize a course on fundamental rights, hold a national conference and other events on democratic developments, and conduct advocacy to strengthen the recently established  National Human Rights Commission.

Center for International Private Enterprise
Strengthening Democratic Governance through Policy Advocacy
To strengthen the management capacity and governance of business support organizations; encourage policy reforms through advocacy campaigns by the business community; and increase understanding of governance, economic policy, and democratic issues among business leaders and the wider public. CIPE will support local chambers and associations in building their capacity and engaging in advocacy, as well as build an understanding of corporate governance and encourage implementation of corporate governance rules.

Center for Peace and Civil Society
Developing Democratic Discourse in Sindh
To strengthen the role of civil society organizations, media, youth, and academia in politics, and to promote democratic values through advocacy, education, literature, and training in the Sindh. CPCS will maintain a democracy resource center and conduct a civic education program through dialogues, trainings, lectures, a fellowship program, and the publication of a quarterly journal. 

Centre for Human Rights Education
Training Institute for Democracy and Human Rights
To strengthen the skills and knowledge of human rights defenders to promote and protect democratic norms and practices. The Centre for Human Rights Education will conduct a training course to increase the capacity of human rights defenders and organize conferences and campaigns on democracy, local governance, and budget accountability. 

Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives
Budget Research and Advocacy for Democratic Accountability
To enhance the capacity of civil society organizations to promote transparency and accountability in the use of public funds. CPDI will produce analytical reports, conduct trainings for civil society organizations on budget analysis and advocacy, produce analytical research and advocacy publications,and convene public events to strengthen access to information and accountability in Pakistan.

Civil Society Support Programme
Empowering the Voice of a New Generation
To promote the active political participation of youth in public affairs and to strengthen the capacity of youth organizations to engage in advocacy and awareness-raising on social, economic, and political issues. CSSP will organize community-based activities for youth, conduct a workshop on making documentary videos, produce a manual on youth organizing, and facilitate an advocacy campaign on youth policy in all four provinces of Pakistan. 

College of Youth Activism and Development
Youth Action for Good Governance and Democracy
To foster youth leadership and participation in civic, electoral, and democratic processes. CYAAD will support Youth Democratic Councils, conduct advanced trainings for youth in leadership and social activism, and organize a range of activities to engage with a wide range of stakeholders on issues of democracy, good governance, and accountability in Quetta and Swat.

Development, Awareness & Management of Natural Resources (DAMAN)
Combating Bonded Labor in Sindh
To raise public awareness about bonded labor and to empower those who have lived in bondage to become agents of change within their communities. DAMAN will organize awareness-raising activities, provide legal aid, and conduct advocacy on the issue of bonded labor in Southern Sindh. 

Individualland Trust
Conflict Reporting along the Afghan-Pakistan Border
To strengthen the reporting skills of media personnel in Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, and encourage greater collaboration between mainstream and alternative media in conflict reporting. Individualland Trust will conduct a series of workshops and  meetings for journalists working in Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, and FATA on democracy, human rights, and conflict reporting. 

Insan Foundation Trust
Building Bridges for Peace and Democracy
To raise awareness of women’s and children’s rights and to promote gender equality and peace in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. The Insan Foundation Trust, working in partnership with educational institutions and NGOs, will use sports and community mobilization techniques to promote democratic values, peace, and respect for human rights in seven districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. 

Interactive Resource Centre
Human Rights Advocacy through Video and Interactive Theater
To strengthen the capacity of youth and civil society activists to use the arts and media for advocacy and to raise awareness of social issues and to promote citizen journalism. The Interactive Resource Center will conduct workshops for civil society organizations and youth on community-based documentary film-making, radio, photography, and the use of interactive theater. It will also organize film and theater festivals.

Jinnah Institute
Deepening Democracy and Pluralism through Research-based Policy Advocacy
To foster and sustain effective policy debate and generate public demand and pressure for reform in key areas such as the electoral system, youth participation, education, economic inclusion, and state accountability. The Jinnah Institute will produce policy briefs, write articles, organize roundtables, and  hold a conference on the themes of the project. 

Khwendo Kor
Strengthening Rights-based Advocacy in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
To strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations and activists to advocate for basic rights and raise public awareness on issues of good governance, educational reform, democracy, and women’s rights. Khwendo Kor will organize skills-training workshops for activists and community-based organizations and strengthen networks and coalitions to conduct advocacy campaigns on educational reform and political participation in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Mehergarh: A Centre of Learning
Strengthening Human Rights Mechanisms at the Provincial Level
To strengthen the ability of provincial governments to implement human rights legislation and increase opportunities for youth to engage in mainstream political activism.  Mehergarh will hold trainings for  provincial level stakeholders on human rights legislation, conduct advocacy on local governance, and organize a leadership course for youth.

Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation
Strengthening Citizen Coalitions for Responsive and Accountable Government
To strengthen broad-based citizen coalitions; encourage greater cooperation between civil society groups on electoral processes, democratic reform, and security; and to promote government and political party responsiveness and accountability. OAKDF will strengthen the reach and effectiveness of provincial and national-level civil society coalitions and organize People’s Assemblies, corner meetings, and work with the media to raise citizen voices for democracy.

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum
Empowering Peasant Communities for Sustainable Development and Democracy
To improve the responsiveness and accountability of government, landowners, and other powerful interests on a wide array of issues impacting the livelihoods of peasants. The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum will hold district, provincial, and national-level events to raise awareness of peasant issues; organize and provide skills training for peasants seeking to defend their interests; and conduct an advocacy campaign on agricultural reform and land rights.

Pakistan Press Foundation
Regional Online Media Network
To strengthen the ability of  provincial and local-level news outlets to project issues of concern to the public through the use of online platforms and social media.  The Pakistan Press Foundation will conduct a series of five workshops on using websites and other digital media tools and create an online network for regional and local media.

Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy
Strengthening Rural Participation in Democratic Processes
To mobilize rural communities to take an active role in local government and other democratic institutions and processes. PODA will facilitate the formation of women councilor networks and citizen groups in rural districts in Punjab and strengthen their skills in advocacy, communication, and community mobilization. 

Community Policing in Swat: Improving Human Rights through Research and Training
To strengthen community policing methods that respect the human rights of the local population in Swat. Rozan will conduct research on post-conflict policing in Swat, modify its training modules based on the findings of the research, organize seminars to raise awareness of key issues, and carry out  training workshops to improve community policing methods, especially with respect to vulnerable groups such as women, children, and minorities. 

SHEHRI – Citizens for a Better Environment
Police Reforms and Human Rights Training for Law Enforcement
To strengthen the ability of law enforcement to respond to human rights violations and to improve the public accountability of the police. Shehri-CBE will hold a series of workshops and trainings on human rights and criminal investigation for police in three provinces; organize a two-day master trainers workshop; and conduct an advocacy campaign on police reform.

Solidarity Center
Strengthening Worker Rights, Cooperative Industry-Labor Relations, and Civil Society
To promote strengthened internal democratic practices, including enhanced responsiveness and inclusion, within Pakistani trade unions. The Solidarity Center will promote increased participation of women in union decision-making bodies and support social dialogue between unions and employers. The Solidarity Center will also raise awareness of labor issues among stakeholders and help parliamentarians and policymakers gain the skills and expertise necessary to develop legislation and policy on labor issues.

Taangh Wasaib Organization
Promoting Human Rights Education in Schools
To strengthen respect for human rights among teachers and students. Working in three districts in Punjab, TWO will train teachers and students on human rights and leadership, and help organize conferences, summer camps, and other activities to nurture a culture of human rights.  TWO will also produce radio programs and publications that promote greater awareness of human rights issues. 

Trust for Development Studies and Practices
Building Women’s Leadership Capacity in Balochistan
To institutionalize and expand a women’s leadership program designed to reduce gender disparities and cultivate leadership skills among women in Balochistan. Using participatory methods, TDSP will train 30 young people to serve as lead teachers and establish centers in ten districts to develop leadership and community organizing skills of youth. 

Women Media Centre of Pakistan
Enhancing the Role of Women Journalists in Media
To enhance women journalists' understanding of electoral processes, the balance of power between state institutions, and to improve their skills in television reporting, camera-work, and editing. The Women Media Centre of Pakistan (WMC) will organize workshops to train women journalists on political reporting, especially during the pre- and post-election period. 

Human Rights
Promoting Democracy, Peace and Tolerance in South Punjab
To engage citizens in a long-term campaign for peace, tolerance, and democracy in south Punjab. The organization will work through peace committees in various districts of south Punjab to organize  conferences, roundtables and cultural events revolving around the themes of pluralism and human rights.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.