Caucus of Development NGO Networks
Sustaining Engagement in Democratic Governance at the Local Level
To deepen civil society's efforts to advance participatory, accountable, and transparent governance at the local level. Through trainings and networking opportunities, CODE-NGO will support citizen participation in governance processes, especially focusing on key planning and budgeting mechanisms, to advance civil society's reform agenda. Other activities will include sharing of lessons learned  and media outreach to inform public discourse on democratic governance.

Center for Media Freedom & Responsibility, Inc.
Freedom of Information
Promoting Responsible Journalism and Press Freedom
To advance press freedom and promote responsible journalism in the Philippines. The Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility will conduct activities that strengthen media self-regulation, recognize excellence in journalism, and call attention to threats against the press. 

International Center for Innovation, Transformation and Excellence in Governance (INCITEGov) Inc.
Political Processes
Strengthening a Movement for Democratic Governance and Reform
To empower and mobilize an informed public and a community of reformers dedicated to advancing sustainable, democratic reform through the practice of linking democratic politics, good governance, and development outcomes. INCITEGov will conduct roadshows and dialogues on active citizenship, political participation, and democratic governance, as well as provide secretariat support to its constituency networks of youth, former government officials, and citizen volunteers who focus on strengthening democratic processes and institutions. 

Legal Network for Truthful Elections Inc.
Political Processes
Protecting the Credibility of the Electoral Process
To support citizen participation in promoting free and fair elections in the Philippines. Leading up to the May 2013 elections, the Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE) and its law school chapters will organize public education activities to increase awareness on voter rights and election laws and procedures. Local chapters will also conduct monitoring before, during, and after the election, focusing on a range of issues including illegal campaigning, disenfranchisement, vote buying and selling, and political violence. 

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism
Freedom of Information
Investigative Reporting and the Fight against Impunity
To strengthen the media's ability to analyze and report on the culture of impunity, focusing on the interrelated issues of governance, money politics, media killings, political clans, and development. PCIJ will conduct four investigative journalism workshops for media representing Luzon, Mindanao, Visayas, and Metro Manila and provide fellowships to select participants to write more in-depth investigative reports as follow-on to their trainings.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.