Association of Vietnamese Overseas : Culture & Liaison
Human Rights
Quê Me: Action for Democracy in Vietnam
To promote human rights and democratic values in Vietnam. Quê Me will conduct advocacy campaigns drawing international attention to human rights conditions and the efforts of prodemocracy activists inside the country. 

Human Rights
Supporting Civil Society Organizations in Vietnam
To build the expertise and skills of Vietnamese civil society organizations and activists in their efforts to support and defend human rights. The project will train lawyers and other activists on human rights advocacy, project management, and community organizing as well as link them to their counterparts in other ASEAN countries in an effort to strengthen an emerging grassroots civil society movement in Vietnam.

Supporting Human Rights Education and Campaigning in Vietnam
To provide opportunities for Vietnamese activists to gain expertise and skills to support and defend human rights, free media, and civil society, and raise awareness of human rights issues in Vietnam. The project will provide human rights and democracy training for young Vietnamese activists and carry out a series of human rights campaigns and advocacy programs to raise awareness of key human rights issues in Vietnam.

Civil Society Training and Internship for Vietnamese Activists
To assist and strengthen the ability of Vietnamese activists to support and defend human rights, free media, and civil society. The project will provide long-term and short-term training and internship programs in Asia for Vietnamese activists to have an opportunity to learn from other Asian civil society organizations.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.