Civic Education


Fostering Youth Leadership on Economic Reform

To foster youth engagement on economic reform, the organization will engage young people in tailored education programs on youth's role in promoting economic reforms. Additionally, the organization will strengthen youth leadership skills through a small-grants program and establish a community of youth alumni to facilitate networking and knowledge-sharing. The organization will fund two TV debates on youth's role in the economic reform process.


Democratic Ideas and Values


Civic Dialogue

To facilitate networking, and encourage collaboration among different segments of Azerbaijani society. The organization will host a series of public events.



Youth Civic Engagement

To encourage youth participation in public life in the regions of Azerbaijan. The organization will organize events and train community leaders.


Freedom of Association


Promoting Rights

To strengthen and protect human rights in Azerbaijan and to expand the availability of reliable and detailed information about human rights in the country.


Freedom of Information


Independent News Platform

To improve the quality and increase the volume and accessibility of objective news and information in Azerbaijan. The organization will publish daily news, information, and analysis.



Regional Media Center

To support a media center in Azerbaijan. The organization will coordinate a network of local correspondents and inform the public about local news. The media center will expand its website, produce video news segments, and provide journalism training.



Internet News Website

To strengthen the editorial independence of the media and promote freedom of speech. The organization will produce videos and articles.



Internet News Website

To encourage public debate about current events and to strengthen the editorial independence of the media. The organization will maintain a news website with articles on a wide range of topics.



Fostering New Media

To promote freedom of information. To foster the effective use of new media by activists, particularly youth, the organization will organize, workshops and offer three online courses.


Human Rights


Supporting Activists in Exile

To provide humanitarian and legal support for civil society activists.



Promoting Human Rights Advocacy

To engage citizens on civil society topics. The organization will host a workshop, produce videos, and hold public events.


Political Processes


Promoting Civic Engagement

To conduct monitoring of civic participation in the regions of Azerbaijan. The organization will publish newsletters, and hold seminars and events.


Political Processes


Monitoring Voter Participation

To promote free and fair elections in Azerbaijan.


Rule of Law


Defending Freedom of Association

To defend freedom of association in Azerbaijan. The organization will develop recommendations to improve the legislation governing registration of NGOs, and provide legal assistance for NGOs seeking registration.



Defending the Rights of Citizens

To monitor the implementation of Azerbaijani law. The organization will provide legal assistance, monitor courts, and hold trainings.


Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.