American-Georgian Initiative for Liberal Education

Democratic Ideas and Values


Youth and Democratic Values

To develop the analytical skills and political and civic consciousness of Georgian youth. AGILE will conduct public events with students in Tbilisi and four regional cities on democracy-related topics. AGILE will develop parallel discussion groups with high school students in five rural areas, applying ideas from the student discussions and encouraging engagement in the spring local government elections.


Association Studio Re

Freedom of Information


Televised Talk Show

To strengthen freedom of speech and the editorial independence of the media, the Association 'Studio Re' will produce 16 television shows that will be broadcast on Maestro Television in Tbilisi and 17 regional television stations throughout Georgia. The programs will provide an important forum for balanced and informed public debate of the most pressing issues of Georgian politics.


Caucasian Institute for Economic and Social Research



Civic Oversight of Local Government

To improve civic oversight of local governance. CIESR will train local journalists and civil society activists in Samtredia and Martvili in monitoring the legal, economic and administrative activities of local governance bodies. CIESR will provide subgrants to local organizations to conduct monitoring, analyze and publicize their findings, and produce a joint report.


Georgia's Reforms Associates



Promoting Accountability of Public Officials

To promote the accountability of public officials in Georgia. The organization will produce video reports based on its successful website,, which produces analytical fact-checking on the statements of parliamentarians and prominent politicians. With Endowment support, GRASS will produce 72 five-minute video reports based on its work on FactCheck, to be broadcast on national and regional television stations.


Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics

Democratic Ideas and Values


Youth Dialogue

To promote activism and leadership among the youth of Georgia and to increase the availability of information about elections, civil society development, human rights, and democratization. The Georgian Charter for Journalistic Ethics will hold a series of lectures by visiting experts on topics of democratic and liberal values for students. Students will produce live debates and monthly online television programs based on ideas discussed during the lecture series.


Georgian Young Lawyers Association

Political Processes


Pre-election Monitoring

To promote the fairness and transparency of the Georgian electoral process and to raise awareness of irregularities and violations. GYLA will monitor the electoral environment ahead of the June 2014 local elections, will advocate for improvements to the electoral law, train and support monitors in Tbilisi and seven regions of Georgia, and conduct legal aid and strategic litigation in the instance of serious electoral violations.


Human Rights Center

Human Rights


Legal Aid and Human Rights Monitoring

To improve human rights practices in Georgia. The Center will monitor and report on human rights, provide free legal aid, and support the activities of two regional human rights centers. The Center will conduct human rights advocacy and will submit reports to the UN, OSCE, Council of Europe, and other international organizations. Finally, the organization will produce short documentary films about human rights to be uploaded onto its video portal,


Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center

Civic Education


Promoting Activism Among Youth

To promote activism and democratic values among the youth of Georgia. The organization will create a national network of youth activists who will work on human rights issues in their communities.  The network will conduct advocacy on four priority areas: democracy, human rights and the social contract; LGBT and women's rights; environmental protection; and freedom of religion and secularism.


Independent Journalists' House

Democratic Ideas and Values


Batumi Youth Dialogue

To promote democratic ideas and values among youth in the Adjara Autonomous Republic of Georgia. The organization will host a youth and society discussion series at its Batumi press center, Press Cafe, which will be available for viewers on live and archived video, and adapted into newspaper articles. IJH will teach young people to produce video programs about issues of local interest in Adjara.


International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

Political Processes


Legislative Reform

To promote civic participation in the democratic reform process, the fairness and transparency of the Georgian electoral process, and to encourage decentralization and the independence of local government in Georgia. The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy will conduct legislative analysis and promote democratic reforms in Georgia. The organization will produce recommendations for reform and will host public meetings throughout the country.


Internews Georgia

Freedom of Information


Independent Web Site:

To strengthen the editorial independence of the media, raise the professional standards of Georgian journalists, and  improve the quality and increase the volume of objective news and information in the country. The organization will maintain its website, The site is published in three languages, Georgian, Russian, and English, and is updated continuously throughout the day.


Journalistic Data Processing Centre

Freedom of Information


Promoting Accountability in Parliament

To promote accountability among the members of the Georgian parliament. JDPC will develop an online database to monitor the business activities of parliamentarians, and detect potential conflicts of interest. The website,, will provide a centralized place for public information currently available in different locations online, as well as original journalistic investigations.


Journalists for Future - A South-East European Partnership Initiative

Freedom of Information


Promoting Minority Rights

To promote minority rights in Georgia. The organization will maintain a bilingual Georgian and English rubric on its news webpage,, providing in-depth analysis of minority rights in Georgia, and will conduct monthly roundtables on the subject.


Levan Mikeladze Foundation

Democratic Ideas and Values


Youth Engagement in Local Government

To encourage youth engagement in local government elections and oversight of local budgets. The Foundation will provide training in monitoring the pre-election and local government budget processes to youth and student activists, and will facilitate local government oversight projects by youth in Kutaisi, Telavi, Ozurgeti and Gori.


Liberali, ltd.

Freedom of Information


To improve the quality and increase the availability of objective news and information and to strengthen the editorial independence of media and raise the professional standards of journalists in Georgia. The organization will produce news content for its website,, which will contain daily news updates, analytical pieces, and multimedia features.


Media Centre of Samtskhe-Javakheti

Freedom of Information


Interactive Regional Talk Shows

To strengthen the editorial independence of the media and to promote accountability of elected officials to the citizens. The organization will produce and broadcast a weekly talk show connecting citizens residing in regional towns and villages with government officials, ministers, members of parliament, and political representatives based in Tbilisi.


Medium Orient Information Agency

Human Rights


Discerning Public Opinion and Monitoring Human Rights Abuses in South Ossetia and Abkhazia

To promote independent information concerning public opinion and attitudes, and to inform the international community about human rights abuses and other important developments in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The Prague-based Agency will carry out and publicize three public opinion polls on important social, political, economic and religious issues in the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The Agency will also monitor human rights abuses and publish 15 articles and interviews per month on these and other key developments in South Ossetia and Abkhazia on its website



Political Processes


Promoting More Professional Election and Political Reporting

To promote more professional and ethical election and political reporting in Georgia before and after the country's May 2014 local elections. Working with the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics, MEMO will carry out a two-part media monitoring program. Following a training by MEMO, a Charter team will monitor 19 media outlets covering the elections. After a second training, the team will further monitor political reporting and its oversight by Georgia's media regulatory body. The results will be disseminated through eight assessment reports and six roundtables and press conferences. MEMO and Charter will produce a series of recommendations designed to improve political and election reporting in Georgia.


Network of Information Centers (LTD)

Freedom of Information


Supporting Citizen Journalists

To provide objective news and information and promote civic engagement in the regions of Georgia. The Network will train a group of 15 citizen journalists to contribute to its network of three regional news websites by producing photo and video materials, reporting on human rights abuses, and requesting information from the government. The organization will also produce weekly news digests, and host four roundtable discussions and a photo exhibit.


Newspaper "Akhali Gazeti"

Freedom of Information


Independent Regional News

To improve the quality and increase the availability of objective news and information in Georgia. Akhali Gazeti, based in Kutaisi, will publish a newspaper. Akhali Gazeti will publish daily news content for the newspaper's online presence, publish a weekly print newspaper, develop multimedia content, and facilitate citizen discussion of current events.


Newspaper "Batumelebi"

Freedom of Information


Supporting Independent News Reporting

To improve the quality and increase the accessibility of objective news and information in Georgia. The program will establish an honoraria fund which will be used to improve the variety and quality of articles submitted to the Batumi based newspaper. Some of the articles will be posted on the newspaper's partner websites, and


NGO Abkhazia Info

Freedom of Information


Radio Talk Show

To provide a forum for public debate on controversial topics and to strengthen the editorial independence of the media, NGO 'Abkhazia Info' will produce a radio talk show, 'Dialogues,' to be broadcast on the Tbilisi radio station, 'Ucnobi.' The show will feature discussions between the hosts, guest experts, and callers about pressing socio-political issues in Georgia. Saturday programming will be dedicated exclusively to the topic of conflict resolution.


NGO Open Borders



Government Oversight and Civic Engagement in Javakheti

To promote civic activism and citizen oversight of local government in Akhalkalaki in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia. The organization will launch an informational website on local governance in Alkhalkalaki and other news from Samtskhe-Javakheti; host civil society roundtables; and conduct civic education trainings for youth.


Prague Independent Media Trainers Association (PIMTA)

Freedom of Information


Fostering Independent Media in Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia

To continue fostering and developing independent media in Georgia's breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Building on the previous year's program, PIMTA will carry out three, five-day workshops for 30 editors and reporters to strengthen skills in developing newsroom structures and managing news programs, and provide on-site consultations to two Abkhaz television and radio stations.


Public Advocacy

Human Rights


Protecting Freedom of Assembly

To promote freedom of assembly and expression in Georgia. Public Advocacy will monitor public assemblies, provide consultations and legal aid to those facing charges related to their right to peaceful assembly, and conduct a public awareness campaign.


Public Movement Multinational Georgia

Political Processes


Monitoring Local Government Elections

To promote fairness and transparency of the electoral process for ethnic minorities in Georgia. PMMG will train and support a team of static and mobile monitors to observe election day in five regions of Georgia with high densities of ethnic minorities, both Armenian and Azerbaijani, where structural barriers have historically led to high levels of electoral violations. The organization will monitor the pre- and post-election environment, prepare statements and reports, and pursue appeals in the case of electoral violations.


Public Movement Multinational Georgia

NGO Strengthening


Developing Civil Society in Ethnic Minority Regions

To strengthen civil society in ethnic minority regions of Georgia. The organization will conduct capacity building trainings and consultations with existing NGOs and newly-formed initiative groups from Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli regions of Georgia.


Regional Development Center

Civic Education


Engaging Youth in Kakheti and Kvemo Kartli

To encourage youth engagement in oversight of local and national government bodies. RDC will provide training in monitoring and advocacy to youth and student activists, and will coordinate advocacy campaigns by youth in the Kakheti and Kvemo Kartli regions of Georgia.



Civic Education


Engaging Youth in Samegrelo and Shida Kartli

To encourage youth participation in local advocacy initiatives. The organization, based in Zugdidi, will conduct civic education workshops with young activists, train young people in monitoring and advocacy with local governments, and assist initiative groups in planning and implementing local advocacy projects. The program will be carried out in two Georgian cities: Zugdidi, in Samegrelo; and Gori, in Shida Kartli.


Studio Monitor

Freedom of Information


Investigative Reporting

To strengthen freedom of speech and the editorial independence of the media, Nonprofit Organization 'Studio Monitor' will produce investigative documentaries on major problems in the media sector, government accountability, the judiciary, the business sector, and human rights. The documentaries will be broadcast on the independent TV channel 'Maestro.'


Women's Initiatives Supporting Group

Human Rights


Promoting Access to Justice

To promote access to justice for victims of hate crimes on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation in Georgia. The organization will monitor cases of hate crimes and rights violations, provide legal support to the victims of these crimes, and produce informational materials on legal recourse in cases of rights violations. The organization will also produce a study of existing hate crimes and anti-discrimination legislation, propose recommendations for improvements, and publish its findings.


You For Democracy

Democratic Ideas and Values


Developing a Youth Agenda

To promote youth activism, encourage youth activists to develop common projects with other constituencies, and maintain a resource center for youth movements. The organization will host an opening conference with active members of student groups, youth movements, and issue-based advocacy efforts in Tbilisi to discuss the political and advocacy opportunities for the coming year.


Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.