Building Local Government Capacity in Public Security Policies
To strengthen the capacity of selected local governments in developing and implementing effective public security policies. Working in six municipalities, the grantee will conduct local diagnoses on the security situation, and draft tailored recommendations. It will then facilitate dialogues with local actors as well as the print and digital media. Once elected, the grantee will provide new local authorities with technical assistance to carry out the recommendations and will monitor their performance on security issues for three months.

Promoting Public Dialogue, Accountability, and Decentralization in Caracas
To foster dialogue between the public and private sectors about democratic good governance and decentralization. The grantee will organize roundtable discussions to diagnose the city's main problems and recommend solutions. Using this information, the grantee will publish a document to raise public awareness among citizens and encourage candidates running for city government to include the recommended proposals in their platforms.

Civic Education
Promoting Democratic Values and Leadership among Venezuelan Youth
To promote youth commitment to civic participation, democratic values, and community service. The grantee will organize weekly meetings and activities for youth members on issues of democratic values, community participation, social action and leadership. The grantee will hold a series of workshops on civic leadership and values, as well as a series of working retreats, which will provide youth with an opportunity to perform intensive community service together.

Promoting New Leadership at the Community Level
To strengthen the capacity of community leaders to participate in local democratic processes and advocate for solutions to the challenges facing the local population. The organization will identify emerging community leaders from poor and middle class neighborhoods in Caracas; provide them with a training program on democracy and project development for their communities; offer them technical assistance as they carry out their local development initiatives; and promote the exchange of experiences and best practices among former and current project participants.

Youth and the Future of the Country
To promote the creation of a new generation of political leaders with a deeper understanding of democratic values in Venezuela. Through an intensive training program, this organization will prepare and encourage young adults to become involved in public service and assume leadership roles in the country's political processes. The program will focus on the fundamental concepts of political theory, constitutional democracy and its development in Venezuela, and tools for political action.

Promoting Youth Leadership
To promote participation and improve the democratic leadership skills of youth in at-risk communities. The organization will develop a training program for 200 youth to enhance their knowledge on democratic ideas and values, the institutions of the state, and citizen participation.

Civic Education 
To strengthen the democratic values and leadership of youth in Venezuela. The organization will establish a strategic alliance with like-minded organizations to provide intensive training to 150 young leaders from seven cities in Venezuela. The trainings will include on site and online meetings and will address issues including democratic principles, human rights, non-violent conflict resolution techniques, public speaking and communications skills, building civil society movements, and cyber-activism.

$75,000 (Supplement: $15,000)
Promoting Dialogue and Consensus Building
To promote consensus building and citizen and voter participation among diverse political and social actors in Venezuela. The organization will coordinate forums to discuss areas of common interest identified by Venezuelans of all political views and encourage them to advocate for their implementation.

Democratic Ideas and Values
Promoting Youth Participation in Local Governance
To promote the education and participation of young adults in public life in Venezuela.  The organization will conduct a youth leadership training program focused on citizen participation and the formulation of public policies.  The organization will also raise public awareness among local officials about the need to include youth-related issues in their agendas.

Promoting Independent Political Research
To promote independent political research and analysis on the state of democracy and provide strategic policy recommendations to democratic actors in Venezuela. The grantee will carefully monitor political developments in the country and produce strategic assessments and policy recommendations, and will distribute its analysis through a series of policy roundtables and publications designed to inform policy leaders and decision makers in Venezuela

Political Leadership with a Gender Perspective
To strengthen the leadership, negotiation and decision-making skills of women political grassroots leaders; and to promote women’s participation and a gender perspective in the development of local public policies. The grantee will train 100 women on political leadership to help them participate in the development, implementation and monitoring of public policies, and will select a few leaders to provide them with tailored support to advance their agendas. Finally, the grantee will design an information campaign through social and traditional media to promote citizen participation with a gender perspective.

Developing Market Economy
Fostering Entrepreneurship in Defense of Democracy and Free Markets
To strengthen the capacity of Venezuelan entrepreneurs and promote the values of democracy and free market initiative; and reinforce the importance of defending basic democratic rights and free enterprise. The partner will educate 90 informal entrepreneurs on democracy, entrepreneurship, free initiative and free market, and ethical responsibility in Maracaibo, Mérida, and San Cristobal; and will establish Entrepreneurship Clubs in these three cities.

Freedom of Association 
Promoting a Civic Culture and Democratic Values Among Informal Sector Workers
To promote democratic values among small-businesses workers and owners in Venezuela. This program will identify and train leaders to promote a culture based on values such as self-reliance, productivity, solidarity, democracy and citizen participation. 

Freedom of Information
Assessing Media's Contribution to Democracy in Venezuela
To strengthen the role that media outlets play in defense of democracy in Venezuela.  This organization will carry out an investigation on how media outlets provide coverage of electoral processes, identifying their relative strengths and weaknesses and developing a series of recommendations for each one.  It will also coordinate a series of training activities for journalists and roundtable discussions with editors to help them understand the role that they can play in defending democratic institutions and processes.

Emerging Leadership, Communications and Social Networks
To increase the visibility of the activities and opinions of civil society organizations through the promotion of a coordinated social network; and to promote citizen journalism and civil society activism through social media networks in Latin America. The grantee will provide civil society groups with training on communications technology and leadership, organize discussion forums, and help them formulate editorials and press releases that can be reproduced by mainstream media. The grantee will also support the creation of similar social networks in other Latin American countries.

Monitoring Freedom of Press
To defend freedom of expression and freedom of the press in Venezuela. This organization will maintain a national network of correspondents throughout Venezuela to monitor and report on threats to journalists and violations of freedom of expression. The organization will distribute these reports to an international audience via the International Freedom of Exchange (IFEX) network. 

Encouraging Participation and Transforming the Electoral Culture
To promote greater youth participation in electoral processes. The organization will help to register young voters, promote electoral participation, and coordinate a national network of observers for election day.

Human Rights
Protecting Indigenous Human Rights
To raise public awareness about the political, social, and economic needs of Venezuela's indigenous population. The organization will advocate before national and local officials for the inclusion of public policies that address the needs of indigenous communities. In addition, the organization will work to enhance the ability of indigenous groups to express their concerns through the use of social media tools.

Promoting Social Cohesion, Democratic Governance and Respect for Human Rights
To promote human rights, freedom of association and due process of law.  This program will defend victims of human rights violations and raise greater public awareness about issues of crime, violence, impunity and the responsibility of the state.

Protection and Promotion of Human Rights 
To promote a deeper understanding of human rights for the families of individuals abused by members of the police and to foster greater respect for human rights within the police. The organization will provide families of victims with training on legal protections and options for seeking accountability and justice. Additionally, the organization will train police officers on the need to respect human rights. 

Promoting Participation and Human Rights
To promote greater analysis on the high levels of political polarization and social discontent in Venezuela today.  This program will coordinate a series of public meetings to examine the origins of these issues and the ways in which public officials and society can mitigate these tensions.

Political Processes
Training Candidates for the Municipal Elections
To assist candidates running for local office improve their strategic, political and campaigning skills, and provide tools to govern effectively and democratically. The grantee will select candidates from across the country and provide them with training to improve their capacity. Through this initiative, the grantee will help candidates transcend the environment of political polarization and focus on issues that are relevant to ordinary citizens, improving living conditions and democracy in the country. 

Strengthening Democratic Good Governance at the Local Level
To educate citizens on the roles and responsibilities of city councils, and encourage voter participation in the upcoming local elections; and to promote improved communications and interactions between newly elected local authorities and citizen groups in six Andean municipalities. The grantee will promote participation in local elections and foster dialogue at the local level by providing trainings and facilitating interaction between newly elected authorities and local citizen groups.

$155,000 (Supplement: $20,000)
Promoting Greater Oversight of Elections
To promote free, fair and transparent electoral processes and greater public awareness about the impact of abstention in electoral processes.

Fostering Citizen Participation in Local Elections and Local Governance
To promote voter turnout in the upcoming local elections; and foster democratic governance through the development of sectoral agendas. The grantee will train local activists and civil society representatives to identify key reasons for voter abstention in their community and develop effective strategies that respond to these issues. Following the elections, the grantee will work in selected municipalities with grassroots leaders and elected authorities to develop sectoral agendas to improve governance.

Rule of Law
Providing Legal Assistance
To provide pro bono assistance and information to citizens seeking to resolve legal cases in underserved communities in Venezuela. The grantee will organize legal advice sessions to document the specifics of each case, provide citizens with information about their fundamental rights, and detail opportunities available for legal defense. The grantee will also raise awareness among the legal community in Venezuela about the benefits of conducting bro bono work. 

Strengthening Political Institutions
Improved Training and Communication Skills for Political Activists
The organization will support Venezuelan political activists apply new technologies to effectively organize, mobilize, and communicate with citizens. Prior to municipal elections, the grantee will host an international seminar to bolster the capacity of political activists to integrate ICTs into communications, engagement, and organization campaigns. The organization will also build the capacity of a subset of participants on training techniques to amplify the program's reach and offer ongoing virtual coaching to on ICT campaigns.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.