Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation for the Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy in Iran

Human Rights


Iran Human Rights Memorial Project

To promote the education and discussion of human rights and democracy in Iran. The Foundation  will grow its database and expand its on-line projects: the Human Rights and Democracy Library and Omid. ABF will monitor and document the ongoing human rights violations and disseminate its findings to the public in Iran.  ABF will further advocate for accountability to its international treaty obligations and for the people they are to protect.

The Siamak Pourzand Foundation (SPF)

Freedom of Information


Struggles against Censorship in Iran

To enable Iranians to circumnavigate means of censorship and provide forums for Iranians denied free expression. The Foundation will continue an online resource providing means for combatting and coping with censorship. SPF will launch a blog analyzing the issue; produce a Podcast series on fighting censorship; and produce audio case studies affording Iranian artists, journalists, and writers the practical means to protect themselves from political persecution.



Empowering Civil Organizations

To enable local civic groups to advocate for transparency and accountability. The grantee will help establish and support coalitions of civic actors to discuss issues of governance and accountability, and prioritize issues of common concern to their constituencies.  The local coalitions will then develop advocacy plans to push for redress of community concerns in the context of future elections.


Advocacy at the Local Level

To build a nationwide network of civic activists focused on local government accountability. Civically engaged Iranians will communicate their communities' challenges vis-à-vis local government and share strategies and tactics in holding officials accountable.


Promoting Accountability with Political Process Monitoring

To help Iranians better understand and influence the quality of governance at several levels and advocate for adherence to legally mandated standards for governance and political processes. The project will provide training, reference guides, and assistance with creating well-designed monitoring plans to help citizens to better monitor official institutions and processes and advocate for greater transparency and responsiveness.


Iran Parliament Watch

To promote transparency in Iranian politics and engage citizens to advocate accountability and responsiveness to citizens' needs on the part of parliamentarians. The grantee will develop and maintain a website providing cross-referenced records of the public statements, legislative records, and other public activities of parliamentarians and future candidates.

Democratic Ideas and Values


Promoting Debates on Iran's Future

To promote discussion of feasible responses to social, economic, and political issues facing contemporary Iran among democratic activists. An online journal will solicit and publish contributions from a broad range of experts, analysts, and academics on topics pertinent to a future democratic Iran.

Freedom of Information

Supplement: $30,600

Online Radio in Transition

To ensure the continued availability of free and independent radio-based media for Iranians. The grantee will produce content disseminated via online radio in multiple languages.  Programming will include daily news reports and feature articles covering social, political and cultural issues from diverse viewpoints.


Solidifying and Empowering Iranian Labor

To provide educational and reference materials for citizens committed to defending and promoting worker rights and freedom of association in Iran.  The project will promote and electronically distribute information on internationally recognized labor rights, comparative histories of labor-rights movements and campaigns in various countries, and the role of a variety of voluntary institutions in upholding and advancing labor rights.


Strengthening Iranian Journalism

To enhance the professional skills and legal protection of journalists in Iran and establish a forum where democratically minded journalists may interact. The grantee will launch and maintain a website providing news and information of relevance to media professionals, including features on the latest developments in ethical and professional best practices, defense of freedom of expression, and legal statutes and procedures governing media in Iran.


Enhancing Iranian Citizen Journalism

To engage Iranians as citizen journalists and accurately inform Iranians of timely news events. The project will develop and maintain a web-based platform where they will train individuals in the fundamentals of citizen journalism, who will in turn produce breaking news stories otherwise unavailable for an online radio station designed for audiences in Iran.

Human Rights


Monitoring Human Rights Violations

To raise awareness about and monitor human rights violations in Iran and enhance communication and information access for Iranian activists. The project will publish a monthly, printed human rights violation report for distribution, and chronicle and compile reported violations.

Rule of Law


Raising the Legal Debate in Iran

To raise awareness and enhance discussion among Iranian lawyers on the rule of law and fundamental rights and develop and consolidate a network of democratically-minded jurists in Iran. The project will publish a Farsi-language law journal for electronic distribution among a network of Iranian lawyers, law students, and clerics in Iran.

Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.