Advocacy at the Local Level
To build a nationwide network of civic activists on local government accountability. Civically engaged Iranians will communicate their communities’ challenges vis-à-vis local government and share strategies and tactics in successfully holding officials accountable.

Democratic Ideas and Values
Discussing Iran’s Future
To promote discussion of feasible responses to social, economic, and political issues facing contemporary Iran among democratic activists. An online journal will solicit and publish contributions from a broad range of experts, analysts, and academics on a range of topics pertinent to a future, democratic Iran.

Book Club Organizing Initiative
To disseminate civic values and democratic ideas among educated citizens and create nationwide debate forums on contemporary civic and governance concepts. The project will promote the reading of topical literature and discussion of subjects related to democratic transition in Iran.

Freedom of Information
Knowledge in Response to Oppression
To raise awareness of peaceful and civil means to contribute to democratic transition in Iran. Presentations on means of citizen engagement in Iranian civic life will be produced and posted on various online forums. 

New Iranian Youth Advocates
To promote democratic change through greater political awareness and to strengthen young people's ability to organize around political and social issues. Working with a student group, the grantee will produce and distribute multimedia articles and features on civic and social challenges for Iran’s future designed to interest Iranians 18-30 years old. 

Online news
To foster public awareness of political developments in Iran. A well-established Farsi-language online news site will expand the website's features in the areas of news analysis and interviews.

Online Radio in Transition
To ensure the continued availability of free and independent media for Iranian listeners. The project will produce content disseminated via online radio in the form of daily news reports and feature articles.

Online Publishing House
To increase the availability of otherwise censored Iranian publications for Iranian citizens. The project will facilitate access to literature censored by the authorities through online publishing and editorial support of Iranian authors, and produce a monthly e-newsletter reporting on the state of publishing and censorship in Iran.

Struggles against Censorship in Iran
To enable Iranians to circumnavigate censorship and provide forums for Iranians denied free expression. The project will establish an online anti-censorship resource comprising forums and means for combatting and coping with the denial of free expression. The site will host a virtual lecture series on combatting censorship and a collection of notable essays, both new and historical, by Iranian authors exploring censorship and expression.

Human Rights
Iran Human Rights Memorial Project
To promote the education and discussion of human rights and democracy in Iran. The Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation will continue to develop its database and enhance its online projects, promote its website, and proactively reach out to civil society activists, victims’ relatives and friends, students, and key figures in Iranian public life. ABF will monitor and document state violations of fundamental rights and advocate for accountability and a just and democratic government.

Monitoring Human Rights Violations
To raise awareness about and monitor human rights violations in Iran and enhance communication and information access for Iranian activists. The project will research and document violations on an ongoing basis, and publish a monthly report for distribution inside and outside Iran.

NGO Strengthening
Strengthening Civil Society Dialogue
To maintain and expand a platform for dialogue for Iranian activists and civil society organizations. The project will facilitate an audio-video communications network; organize meetings and dialogue panels for activists; and interview and moderate online discussions on civic, social, and political topics.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.