Center for International Private Enterprise
Developing Market Economy
Advocacy for SME Policy Reform 
To strengthen the ability of the Young Entrepreneurs Association to advocate for free market legislative and regulatory reform on behalf of small- and medium-size enterprises. With CIPE support and technical assistance, YEA will build upon the momentum generated by the Small and Medium Business Agenda process to draft specific legislative and regulatory reforms to promote the growth of small business in Jordan.  YEA will expand its outreach efforts to increase buy-in among diverse organizations.

Community Media Network (AmmanNet)
Parliament Monitoring
To raise public awareness of and engagement in parliament activities and functions. The Community Media Network will organize 12 public events throughout Jordan to link the public with parliamentary action. CMN will coordinate each event in local communities around a live broadcast and draw at least 100 participants to each dialogue. It will also host 30 episodes of a one-hour radio program, Majlis 17, which will feature Members of Parliament with opposing views, as well as analysts to invited to provide additional commentary.  

Hikaya Center for Civil Society Development
Democratic Ideas and Values
Success in a Changing World
To inspire and engage youth in public life and promote enlightened views on Islam, pluralism, and civil rights among youth in Jordan, and to build the capacity of a youth organization with regional networks. The Hikaya Center for Civil Society Development will launch an online radio, Radio Success, to complement its youth empowerment training and regional networking.  For the first three months, Radio Success will broadcast three hours each day, and then adjust programming based on the pilot initiative. 

Land and Human to Advocate Progress
Monitoring the Seventeenth Parliament
To enhance Jordanian parliamentarians’ accountability to their electoral base. Land and Human to  Advocate Progress will monitor the activities of the 37 members of Jordan’s House of Deputies, elected in January 2013, who represent the northern region of Jordan. LHAP staff and two part-time parliamentary monitors will compile data on candidates’ campaign promises, monitor their voting records while parliament is in session, lead 19 consultations between the MPs and their communities, and produce a final report on the findings.

Partnership Center for Democracy
Democratic Ideas and Values
Strengthening a Pro-democracy Cadre
To engage and mobilize a pro-democracy youth cadre around community issues.  The Partnership Center for Democracy (PCD) will work with youth volunteers on developing community initiatives, and provide training on civic activism. PCD will hold 24 semi-monthly seminars and 50 public events at its Madaba and Irbid centers, connecting youth to senior public officials and civil society leaders. 

Tamreen for Training
Freedom of Information
My Rights in My University
To strengthen youth understanding of and reporting of events on their university campuses. Tamreen will lead a training course on understanding democracy and its practices in the students’ university life, conduct a two-week training on preparing news reports, and mentor students as they monitor democratic practices on their university campuses and produce written and audio-visual reports.

Vision Institute for Civil Society Studies
Influencing Economic Legislation through Civil Society-Parliament
To engage civil society in legislative processes and its oversight.  The Vision Institute for Civil Society Studies will lead a national dialogue among CSOs and Members of Parliament on the economic issues confronting  Jordan and examine related legislation. The Vision Institute will lead eight half-day  workshops on these issues and will publish four 12-page policy briefs summarizing the findings and recommendations of the participants.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.