Al-Quds Center for Political Studies

Freedom of Association


Legalizing Representative Organizations

To advocate for legal recognition of additional sector organizations, professional syndicates, new labor unions, and enterprise associations. Al-Quds will lead four focus group sessions for each of two groups, one representing labor and the other business activists. The sessions will identify priorities for legalization of representative bodies that reflect their interests and protect their right to act collectively. Al-Quds will work with these groups and a legal expert to draft new legislation, and vet it through two two-day retreats and conduct a final workshop to identify an advocacy plan.

Center for International Private Enterprise

Rule of Law


Advocacy for SME Policy Reform

To strengthen the ability of the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) to advocate for free market legislative and regulatory reform on behalf of small- and medium-sized enterprises. With CIPE support, YEA will form a national coalition through which it will initiate a structured and focused advocacy campaign to bring the Small and Medium Business Agenda recommendations to fruition. CIPE and YEA will work with the members of the coalition to hone their advocacy skills and communicate information and priorities to policymakers, stakeholders, and the public.

Community Media Network (AmmanNet)



Parliament Monitoring

To raise public awareness of and engagement in the activities and functions of parliament and parliamentarians. Community Media Network (CMN) will lead a parliamentary monitoring program comprising 11 public events throughout Jordan to link the public with parliamentary action. CMN will recruit and manage three teams of 10 youth volunteers to assist in organizing these forums, beginning with three two-day workshops on managing public events.

Hikaya Center for Civil Society Development

Democratic Ideas and Values


Online Youth Radio

To inspire and engage youth in public life and promote enlightened views on Islam, pluralism, and civil rights among youth in Jordan. The Hikaya Center will strengthen its online radio, Radio Success, by broadcasting a minimum of six hours each day, producing 11 programs on social and political aspects of youth engagement as active citizens. These programs address community dialogue, youth activism on social media, and media as a tool for development.

Land and Human to Advocate Progress



Monitoring the Seventeenth Parliament

To enhance Jordanian parliamentarians' accountability to their constituents.. LHAP will monitor the activities of the 28 members of Jordan's House of Deputies who represent the southern region of Jordan. LHAP staff and two part-time parliamentary monitors will compile data on candidates' campaign promises, monitor their voting records while parliament is in session, lead 14 consultations between the MPs and their communities, and produce a final report on their findings.

Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies

Democratic Ideas and Values


Raising Awareness on Economic Policies

To enhance public understanding of, and decision makers' responsiveness to, citizens' priorities for critical areas of Jordanian economic reform. The Center will design and conduct two national polls on pressing economic issues in Jordan, and conduct two half-day workshops on its findings for 80 political and civil society leaders.

Solidarity Center

Freedom of Association


Developing Union Decision-Making Structures & Action Plans

To develop the membership and capacity of the Jordanian Department of Statistics Union.  Through trainings with experienced US labor educators, the Solidarity Center will support the union to develop its decision-making structures and action plans, as a means of strengthening one of the key independent affiliates of the Jordanian Federation of Independent Trade Unions.

Vision Institute for Civil Society Studies



Enhancing Civil Society Oversight of Legislation

To engage civil society in legislative processes and oversight. The Institute will lead seven one-day workshops on the social security, labor and personal status laws in the north, central and south regions of Jordan. At each workshop, a legal trainer will present a comparison of the law based on the earlier provisional law and the new permanent law, and the Vision Institute will facilitate a discussion among civil society participants on their assessment of the new laws. The Institute will then train and mentor a 20-person field team to assess implementation of the laws through local questionnaires and documentation of complaints.


Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.