Citizenship Forum for Democracy and Human Development

Democratic Ideas and Values


Strengthening Libya’s Nascent Civil Society

To strengthen Libyan civil society leaders' understanding of democratic ideas and values and build their capacity for leading civic initiatives. The Forum will lead ten civic education or training workshops for various sectors and leaders. Its think tank activities will include publication of its journal, Citizenship.

H2O Organization

Civic Education


Promoting Democracy amongst Youth

To promote democratic values and human rights among emerging youth leaders. H20 will develop a democracy manual, design a training curriculum, and conduct two three-day workshops for 100 youth in the Greater Tripoli area.

International Republican Institute

Democratic Ideas and Values


Engaging Youth in Local Governance

To promote youth engagement in Libyan governance. IRI will conduct three National Youth Network meetings and training for individual youth councils.  IRI will also expand to new cities, conduct assessments of youth councils in those cities, and provide tailored follow-on trainings.

MAFO for Supporting Democracy and Human Rights

Civic Education


Promoting Community Relations

To promote civic and community interactions in the southern Fezzan region of Libya. MAFO for Supporting Democracy and Human Rights will establish a democracy-learning center, organize 12 civic education workshops, and facilitate 12 community dialogue sessions to foster greater awareness among diverse Libyans in the Fezzan region.

The International Libyan Organization for Women



Engaging Civil Society with Local Councils

To increase local accountability by engaging civil society organizations and citizen leaders with their elected local council members. The Organization will train activists and local council members on dialogue, and work with local civil society partners to hold town hall meetings in several localities to discuss local development priorities

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.