Citizenship Forum for Democracy and Human Development
Democratic Ideas and Values
Strengthening Libya's Nascent Civil Society
To strengthen Libyan civil society leaders' understanding of democratic ideas and values and capacity for leading civic initiatives, foster discussion and dialogue on key issues related to Libya’s political transition, and advocate for freedom of press and association. CFDHD will lead a series of four training workshops, ten seminars, and publish and distribute two issues of its academic journal. 

Human Relief Foundation
Conflict Resolution
Empowering Civic Groups in Conflict Resolution
To strengthen the capacity of a core group of civil society organizations in conflict resolution initiatives at the local, regional and national level. Human Relief Foundation will partner with Responding to Conflict to lead two capacity building workshops and provide ongoing support and mentorship as trainees develop and launch their own conflict resolution initiatives. 

Lawyers for Justice in Libya
Freedom of Information
Legal Reform and Advocacy on Freedom Expression
To monitor and advocate for legal reforms related to freedom of expression. Lawyers for Justice in Libya will monitor relevant laws and legislation and document their impact on free expression. LFJL will produce and disseminate quarterly monitoring reports and one policy brief to advocate for legal reforms that protect and promote free expression.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.