International Republican Institute
Schools for Political Engagement
To strengthen the ability of emerging democratic leaders to represent and engage core constituencies in Syria. IRI will lead a series of advanced seminars to a select group of democratic activists focused on skills needed to maximize their political engagement. The Schools for Political Engagement will offer a structured, intensive curriculum to provide nascent leaders with knowledge and skills in building political organizations, conducting issue-based campaigns, and governing effectively in a democratic political system.

International Republican Institute
NGO Strengthening 
Schools for Politics
To strengthen the advocacy, political and governance skills of emerging political activists during the current civil conflict. IRI will organize pilot Schools of Politics for emerging reformist leaders located inside and outside the country to increase their knowledge and skills in building civic and political organizations, conducting issue-based advocacy campaigns that engage citizens, and ensuring the transparency and accountability of local administrations.

Strengthening the Governance Capacity of Local Councils
To enhance the ability of local councils to govern democratically, in particular in building these councils under ongoing conflict. Activities will include developing and testing suitable materials, organizing the training of trainers, and supporting training workshops.

Freedom of Association
Expanding the Space for Independent Media
To enhance the emergence of free, independent media. The project will disseminate information, features, and citizen voices on civic ideals and issues. 

Freedom of Information
Strengthening Independent Media
To enhance the emergence of free, independent media. The project will provide timely news and information for key audiences.

Human Rights
Human Rights Violation Documentation
To promote a human rights culture within Syria.  The project will document human rights violations and disseminate the findings. 

NGO Strengthening
Rebuilding Active Citizenry and Civil Society
To initiate and strengthen associational life in Syria and to support an emerging association of diverse civil society actors. Activities will include training and support for voices advocating civic ideals and practices.  

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.