Center for International Private Enterprise

Civic Education


Strengthening Citizens' Engagement in a Transforming Country

To build support among Syrian reform leaders and citizens for democracy rooted in a market-driven economy and to enhance the Syrian Economic Forum's (SEF) ability to act as an independent voice for the Syrian private sector in shaping policies required for immediate relief and longer-term recovery. With CIPE support, SEF will conduct civic education courses in Syrian refugee camps in the region, as well as formulate democratic and market-oriented solutions to the reconstruction of Syria's economy and society. CIPE will work with SEF to strengthen internal organization and advocacy skills.



Enhancing Transparency in a Closed Society

To raise awareness of Syrian public attitudes on important challenges facing Syrians, and to enhance the skills of a nascent polling group to obtain, verify and analyze credible data and make  relevant policy recommendations. The organization will design and conduct 12 monthly polls to identify Syrian priorities during the ongoing transformative period.

Democratic Ideas and Values


Syrian Thought Forum

To promote civic values through open dialogue and exchanges among Syrian youth on the future of Syria, and to build the capacity of emerging community leaders and facilitators among youth refugees. The project will comprise 28 half-day dialogue workshops for youth on current concerns, and four three-day capacity-building courses for emerging community leaders.

Freedom of Information


Strengthening Independent Media

To enhance the emergence of free, independent media. The project will provide timely, well-sourced news and information for key audiences, focusing on security and humanitarian developments that affect the local community.


Strengthening Journalism in a Closed Society

To enhance the skills of young journalists in a closed society in conflict. The project will lead five two-day training workshops on running and managing editorial boards and news rooms for Syrian journalists and work with the trained and mentored journalists to contribute to a web magazine.

Human Rights


Human Rights Violations Documentation

To promote a human rights culture in Syria. The project will support field efforts to verify and compile documentation and reporting on human rights violations committed by all actors in Syria's ongoing civil war.  Reports will be released online to provide timely information to the public on an ongoing basis.  The project will also produce several thematic reports.


Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.