Al-Jahedh Forum for Free Thought

Civic Education


Promoting Constructive Dialogue

To strengthen civic and political debates in Tunisia among youth activists.  The Forum  will hold 12 forums on contemporary issues related to politics and democracy; organize a conference on political transition in the MENA region; conduct three two-day workshops on conflict prevention, advocacy, the right to information, rule of law, religion, new media and civic journalism; support two youth projects; and publish an annual research volume.

Applied Social Science Forum



Promoting Public Policy Research

To advance research and public policy debates on critical sectors in Tunisia. ASSF will produce public policy studies with recommendations on pressing public policy issues, and facilitate debate among the policymaking community in Tunisia. ASSF will produce a policy paper on Article 6 of the constitution, organize a youth research competition, and produce its quarterly Public Opinion magazine.

Arab Institute for Democracy



Promoting Good Local Governance Discourse

To promote responsive local governance and build the capacity of a nascent civil society organization. The Institute will organize five three-day workshops in five governorates and a two-day seminar on good local governance practices, and create a national network of CSOs to promote good governance at the local level in Tunisia.

Association Irtikaa for Effective Women Participation

Political Processes


Enhancing Women's Participation

To promote women's involvement in political processes in Tunisia. The Association will conduct two two-day workshops on leadership skills and advocacy, organize two one-day seminars on the image of women in political messaging and women's struggle between participation and exclusion, and administer a survey to assess women's expectations and priorities in the post-election period.

Center for International Private Enterprise



Bringing the Voices of Local Business to Reform

To increase UPMI's capacity to represent its members and undertake issue-based advocacy on their behalf. CIPE partner UPMI will hold consultation workshops with stakeholders regarding a key problem its members wish to address: the mismatch between young graduates' skills and the market needs of small and medium industries. UPMI will then develop recommendations, disseminating them through a public event and several targeted meetings with policymakers and others. Throughout, CIPE will help UPMI build internal capacity, as well as transmit skills in stakeholder engagement, consensus building and advocacy.

Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy in Tunisia

Democratic Ideas and Values


Promoting Community-based Dialogue

To provide a platform for community-based dialogue and a youth initiative in Tunisia. CSID-Tunis will  conduct eight community-based dialogue meetings, lead a youth initiative on youth civic participation, and support civic youth projects in four provinces.

Chahed Observatory for Monitoring Elections and Supporting Democratic Reform

Political Processes

Supplement: $47,000

Promoting a Transparent Electoral Process

To promote a transparent electoral process through a domestic monitoring initiative, and build the organizational capacity of a nascent organization. Chahed will conduct three four-day training of trainers workshops on domestic monitoring in Tunis, Kairouan, and Sfax; two three-day capacity building workshops for 50 facilitators of public debates on constitutional and electoral laws; and a two-day training on electoral disputes.

Chahed Observatory for Monitoring Elections and Supporting Democratic Reform

Political Processes


Promoting a Transparent Electoral Process

To promote a transparent electoral process through a domestic election monitoring initiative. Chahed  will lead a domestic election monitoring initiative. Chahed will conduct four two-day workshops on domestic monitoring in Tunis, Kairouan, Sfax, Sousse, Gafsa, and Madenine; solidify regional efforts; and lead impartial and professional monitoring of scheduled legislative and presidential elections.

Citizen Media Observatory

Freedom of Information


Enhancing Journalistic Standards

To promote public debate on press quality and media sector accountability, and build the capacity of a nascent organization in media monitoring. Citizen Media Observatory will conduct a two-day workshop for professionals on media quality guidelines, journalistic professional standards, and ethical principles; organize a one-day seminar on media independence and media-related laws and regulations; monitor media performance and the integrity of media products; and produce two semi-annual media monitoring reports.

Civil Pole for Development and Human Rights

Human Rights


Monitoring Human Rights Violations

To raise awareness about human rights at grassroots level in interior regions, and build the capacity of a nascent human rights organization in Tunisia. Civic Pole for Development and Human Rights will conduct three two-day trainings for 36 youth civic actors on monitoring human rights abuses in custodial public institutions, work with the trained activists to produce six monitoring reports, and publicize their findings in a conference in Tunis.

Free Sight Association

Civic Education


Engaging Women Locally

To promote women's participation in public affairs, decision-making, and candidacy for public office. Free Sight Association will conduct three two-day workshops for women leaders in each region on the functions of local councils, and support one project in each region on women's engagement with local institutions.

Jasmine Foundation

Democratic Ideas and Values


Promoting Policy Dialogue

To promote dialogue between policy makers and civil society on social and economic policy issues. TheFoundation will support civil society participation in policy making processes in Tunisia by conducting two two-day workshops on how to conduct policy research and analysis, sponsoring a two-day conference and a one-day seminar, and producing and disseminating two policy papers.

Observatory for Municipal Work and Urban Planning



Promoting Best Practices in Municipalities

To build the capacity of a nascent organization focused on municipal work and local governance. The Observatory  will develop a forum and lead a pilot project on good governance practices at the local level. Activities will include multi-day workshops, a two-day conference on the role of municipalities and good local governance practices; and establishing a local unit on good governance in Ben Arous city.

Social Development and Empowerment Center

Democratic Ideas and Values


Engaging Youth in Sidi Bouzid

To promote civic and political engagement of marginalized groups in Sidi Bouzid. The Center will collaborate with the Mediterranean Association for Development  to conduct a four-day workshop on principles of democratic culture, civic and political participation and volunteerism; hold a three-day training on dialogue, Islam and human rights, and citizenship; and publish a quarterly newsletter.

Tounissiet Association

Democratic Ideas and Values


Promoting Women's Rights

To promote civic and political engagement of women in rural areas in Tunisia. Tounissiet will conduct multi-day capacity building workshops and trainings for representatives of its local branches, volunteers, and women activists from four nascent CSOs; organize a one-day seminar for its rural women members on the situation of women in transitioning Tunisia, four citizenship café gatherings, and four strategy meetings for its members; lead a study visit to Morocco; and produce a quarterly online newsletter.

Tunisian Institutional Reform



Security Sector Best Practices

To promote security sector reform and public oversight of policing practices. Tunisian Institutional Reform will conduct a five-day training on concepts of human rights and nonviolent problem-solving for 40 uniformed police; support two additional five-day trainings for their colleagues; and organize dialogues between civil society and security forces on public-police partnerships.

Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.