Al-Jahedh Forum for Free Thought
Civic Education
Capacity Building and Civic Education
To strengthen the capacity and build a democratic culture among youth activists. The Al-Jahedh Forum  for Free Thought will hold 12 discussion forums on contemporary issues related to democracy and politics; organize a conference on political Islam and democratic transition in the Middle East and North Africa region; conduct four two-day workshops on youth leadership, political reform and religion, conflict resolution, new media and civic journalism; support two youth projects; and publish two annual research books. 

Applied Social Science Forum
Promoting Public Policy Research
To advance research and public policy debates on critical sectors in Tunisia, and build the capacity of a nascent policy center.  ASSF will produce rigorous research and policy ideas, and encourage debate among the policymaking community in Tunisia. ASSF will conduct a two-day skills training for young researchers on public policy research; enhance its Local Governance Barometer (LGB), organize a research competition; and produce its quarterly Public Opinion magazine and two short documentaries on public policy issues. 

Association Irtikaa for Effective Women Participation
Political Processes
Women Participation in Democratic Transition
To promote women’s participation in the democratic and political process in Tunisia. Irtikaa will conduct six one-day workshops on leadership skills and advocacy, organize two one-day seminars on electoral legislation and the constitution, provide assistance to young women to lead civic projects on women's issues, and produce a semi-annual newsletter. 

Center for International Private Enterprise
Engaging the Private Sector in Municipal Reform
To support the reform of municipal regulations and procedures hindering local democratic and economic development.  CIPE will support L'Institut Arabe des Chefs d'Entreprises (IACE) in advocating for good municipal governance nationally and locally. IACE will establish multi-stakeholder dialogue in three municipalities of Tunisia to identify best practices in municipal governance.  Sharing findings among the municipalities, IACE will support local advocacy efforts to reform regulations and procedures that create legal and bureaucratic inequalities. 

Citizen Media Observatory
Freedom of Information
Promoting Accountable Media Practices
To promote public debate on press quality and media sector accountability, and strengthen the capacity of a nascent organization in media monitoring. Citizen Media Observatory will organize a two-day workshop for professionals on media quality, journalistic professional standards, and ethical principles; conduct a one-day symposium on media independence and press-related laws and regulations; create a performance and integrity monitoring system; and produce two press monitoring reports. 

Free Sight Association
Democratic Ideas and Values
Fostering Dialogue Among Youth
To promote youth participation in fostering community dialogue and build the capacity of a nascent organization. Free Sight Association will conduct two four-day training-of-trainers workshops on innovative approaches to community dialogue, and a three-day training on youth civic engagement, participatory communication, and conflict mediation. 

International Association to Support Political Prisoners
Supporting Transitional Justice
To strengthen the ability of a nascent organization to advocate for transitional justice best practices in Tunisia. The International Association for the Support of Political Prisoners will collaborate with its partners from the Tunisian Network of Transitional Justice to organize nine roundtable discussions in Sousse, Sfax, and Medenine on transitional justice processes; and will lead an exchange visit to Morocco to benefit from the experience of its truth and reconciliation commission. 

International Republican Institute
Supporting Democratic Governance
To encourage citizen engagement in the legislative process through dialogue and advocacy. IRI will conduct civil society advocacy workshops, organize public forums, support talk radio programs, and hold new member training workshops for elected officials to promote legislative solutions reflective of grassroots concerns. 

Tounissiet Association
Democratic Ideas and Values
Promoting Women Rights
To promote civic and political engagement of women in rural areas in Tunisia, and strengthen a nascent women’s group. Tounissiet will conduct four two-day training workshops for 120 representatives of its local branches, volunteers, and women activists from Nabel, Kabes, Sousse, and Jandouba; organize a one-day seminar for rural women members on the situation of women in transitioning Tunisia; and advocate for women’s civic and political engagement. 

Youth and Skills Association (Maharat)
Civic Education
Promoting Youth Civic Engagement
To promote youth civic participation, especially in Tunisian marginalized provinces, and build the capacity of a nascent youth organization. Youth and Skills Association will train 100 youth activists from marginalized provinces on civic participation through four two-day workshops; two one-day Training-of-Trainer workshops and a one-day seminar on youth participation and democratic transition.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.