Association for Monitoring Equal Rights (AMER)
Rule of Law
Monitoring Social Rights and Equality
To enhance the capacity of the National Monitoring Network, a network of rights-based organizations that will monitor and report on discriminatory acts across Turkey, and to increase public awareness of and respect for pluralism. AMER will develop tools to monitor acts of discrimination and report and advocate for remedy to government officials, national and local media, and international human rights organizations.

Freedom of Expression Association
Civic Education
Participation of Civil Society in Law Making Process
To enhance the role of civil society in law making through the provision of public platforms for public dialogue with Members of Parliament. FEA will work with 41 Small Provincial Assemblies (SPAs) comprising local NGOs to discuss issues pertinent to their communities in monthly town hall meetings. SPA representatives will agree on policy recommendations to present to the public and decision makers. 

Human Rights Research Association
Civic Education
Monitoring Hate Crimes in Turkey
To effectively monitor the enforcement of Turkey’s hate crimes law. Human Rights Research Association (IHAD) will publish a report on other countries’ experiences and lessons-learned in hate crime enforcement and a hate crime monitoring manual for its activist network. IHAD will further execute a campaign to raise the public’s awareness of the new law and its implications. 

International Republican Institute
Strengthening Political Institutions
Enhancing Political Party Competition Ahead of Local and Presidential Elections
To improve political party competition at the national and local level in the run-up to the 2014 presidential and local elections, IRI will work with all major parties in Turkey, mainly through consultations and public opinion research, to help them improve organizational capability and programmatic relevance, with a special focus on the local areas expected to be the most competitive cities and regions during the March 2014 local elections. IRI will also encourage greater involvement of youth in party politics, notably through the continuation of its Political Academy, designed to improve the political skills of participants from the youth sections of the parties.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
Promoting Accountability through Participatory Political Processes
To enhance the ability of the Checks and Balances Network (CBN) to promote strengthened institutional counterweights within the government and the party system. NDI will work with CBN to monitor and advocate for transparent processes leading to open and competitive electoral systems; prepare reports on proposed constitutional initiatives; and convene meetings to facilitate dialogue between constituents, MPs, and other political actors. 

Punto24 Bagimsiz Gazetecilik Dernegi
Freedom of Information
Strengthening Independent Media
To advocate for an open and independent press in Turkey, and restore public confidence in Turkish media. Platform 24 (P24) will create, host, and maintain a monitoring website where leading Turkish journalists will monitor and report on press integrity in Turkey and promote digital media.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.