Association for Monitoring Equal Rights (AMER)

Human Rights


Monitoring Social Rights and Equality

To strengthen the rule of law, especially, and enforcement of equality before the law and of social rights under Turkish law. The Association  will enhance the capacity of its network of rights-based organizations to document and deter discriminatory acts across Turkey by organizing member CSOs at the regional level and providing assistance and coordination in monitoring and reporting on incidents of discrimination against vulnerable groups in Turkish society.

Dialogue for Common Future Association



Political Accountability

To promote an alternative political discourse emphasizing responsible discussion of issues and facts, and to generate respect for transparency, accountability, and good governance among opinion leaders and the general public. DCFA will establish a fact-checking portal that will report on the accuracy and consistency of statements of elected leaders, campaigning politicians, and other officials. DCFA will report the findings to Turkish media.

Freedom of Expression Association

Civic Education


Engaging Civil Society in Law Making

To enhance the role of civil society in law making through the provision of public platforms for public dialogue with Members of Parliament. The Association will work with 41 Small Provincial Assemblies (SPAs) comprising local NGOs to discuss issues pertinent to their communities in monthly town hall meetings. FEA will assemble SPAs in Ankara where representatives will advocate policy recommendations to the public and decision makers.

Human Rights Research Association

Civic Education


Monitoring Hate Crimes in Turkey

To strengthen the rule of law on hate crime violations. IHAD will consolidate hate crime monitoring networks comprising 250 lawyers, journalists, and activists in 12 regions throughout Turkey; revise its hate crime monitoring manual for the networks; and publish a report of violations of relevant sectors of the penal code.

International Republican Institute

Strengthening Political Institutions


Promoting a Policy-Based Political Debate and Enhancing Political Party Competition Ahead of Parliamentary Election

To promote policy-based political debate and enhance party competition at the national level ahead of the 2015 parliamentary election. , IRI will continue to provide parties with relevant and detailed public opinion surveys, along with specialized policy-based polling.  The Institute will also encourage greater involvement of youth and women in party politics, notably through the creation of a Women’s Academy and  continuation of its youth Political Academy, which will improve the political skills of participants from the youth sections of the parties.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

NGO Strengthening


Promoting Citizen Participation and Government Accountability

To promote citizen participation and government accountability. NDI will assist the Checks and Balances Network to strengthen its capacity to guide and sustain a growing organization and expand its outreach to voters and decision makers.   NDI will support the Network's Coordinating Committee in communications and activity evaluation, as well as outreach to decision makers and public engagement.

Punto24 Bagimsiz Gazetecilik Dernegi

Democratic Ideas and Values


Strengthening Independent Media

To advocate for open and independent press in Turkey and restore public confidence in Turkish media. P24 will host and develop a monitoring website and engage leading Turkish journalists in reporting on press integrity in Turkey, promote digital media, and support investigative journalism. Through this web-based platform, journalists and concerned citizens report on and debate the influences, restrictions, and conditions on media independence in Turkey.

Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.