Abjad Center for Studies and Development



Community Input For Local Development

To enable activists to monitor government performance and engage local communities and officials in debate about governance priorities in Dhamar Province. Abjad will assist a previously formed local youth council to reach out to citizens and communicate with officials, present four reports monitoring government performance at public forums, and organize four debates on solutions to pressing community needs bringing together activists, citizens and decision-makers.

Attanweer Social Development Foundation

NGO Strengthening


Empowering Local Women Leaders

To enable women leaders in Ibb Province to advocate for women’s political and social rights and to build the capacity of three emerging women organizations to represent and advocate for local interests. Attanweer will mentor three women’s organizations to develop their capacity to advocate for local community needs by providing funding for each organization to implement field-based activities.

Basement Cultural Foundation

Democratic Ideas and Values


Youth Exhibitions for Alternative Policy Solutions

To strengthen civil society's influence on policymaking through creative expressions of policy alternatives. Basement will pilot an innovative platform for reform-minded young thinkers to explore solutions to long-term, strategic challenges facing democratic consolidation in Yemen. Basement will facilitate 12 exhibitions, each featuring three presentations in different creative forms outlining alternative policies, and communicate these to policy makers and the public through the media.

Center for International Private Enterprise

Rule of Law


Private Sector Engagement in Taxation Reform

To support the business community in advocating for a fair and effective taxation system in Yemen. CIPE and its local partner will conduct a study on the effects of Yemen's tax system on businesses and corruption. This research, and a subsequent survey of business community representatives nationwide, will be used to create policy papers on key tax reform issues. The papers will form the basis for a private sector-led tax reform advocacy campaign. Finally, CIPE will support local efforts to establish a Watchdog Initiative to combat tax-related corruption.

Center of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights



Advocating Higher Education Reform

To strengthen a national coalition enabling independent citizen voices to be heard on the issue of higher education reform. CIHLHR will build on its previous project by organizing six trainings on advocacy at universities in Sanaa, Aden, Hudaydah, Ibb, Dhamar, and Taizz; launch a media-intensive national advocacy campaign; and publish a report containing its recommendations for university reform.

Crystal Association for Women's Development



Monitoring Governmental Services in Abyan

To build the capacity of an emerging women's organization to monitor and advocate for better public services in Abyan. Crystal will visit NED grantee Youth and Childhood Association to learn from its local accountability program; train women activists to monitor the provision of services by six government departments; present findings to local officials and stakeholders in three public meetings; and advocate for implementation of solutions.

Min Haqqi Organization for Awareness and Development

Civic Education


Youth Leadership Academy in Hudaydah

To build the capacity of an emerging advocacy organization in Hudaydah to empower young leaders to advocate for political and governmental reforms. Min Haqqi will launch a year-long, thrice-monthly academy to educate and empower young leaders in Hudaydah Province to create and mobilize support for constructive proposals regarding local political, governmental, and institutional operations and reform.

Qualification and Legal Assistance for Human Rights

Rule of Law


Monitoring Judicial Performance in Southern Yemen

To build the capacity of lawyers to monitor and report on courts’ judicial independence in Aden, Abyan, Dalea, and Lahij Provinces and to advocate for an independent judicial system consistent with international standards. QLAHR will train ten lawyers to monitor court decisions, present four reports at discussion seminars on judicial performance, and compile an annual report on violations of judicial independence.

Social Center for Militating Illegal Earning



Advocating for Transparency and Anticorruption

To advocate for legislative, judicial, and administrative reforms necessary to combat corruption in Yemen. The Social Center for Militating Illegal Earning (SCMIE) will mobilize a coalition for a national campaign to fight corruption. SCMIE will hold workshops in five provincial capitals and a focus group in Sanaa on developing a national strategy and action plan, produce a comprehensive anticorruption guide for activists, and expand the group's Transparency Blog and website.

Tamdeen Youth Foundation



Monitoring Local Authorities in Taiz

To build the capacity of an emerging organization to monitor and advocate for better public services in Taizz. Tamdeen will launch a website, train activists to monitor nine government departments, present two reports to local officials and stakeholders, advocate for action on its recommendations, and undertake a study trip to learn how NED grantee Youth and Childhood Association conducts its local accountability program.

The National Organization for Defending Rights & Freedom

Rule of Law


Advocacy for Judicial Reform

To advocate for an independent judicial system consistent with international standards and to enable civil society to monitor judicial processes in Sanaa.  The Organization will support a specialized monitoring team to document instances of rights violations in judicial processes, produce two reports, train law and media students on judicial independence, and hold a conference on judicial reform.

Wogood For Human Security Foundation

Civic Education


Empowering Youth Leadership In Local Communities

To build the capacity of an emerging organization to empower youth activists to advocate for local community needs in Aden. Wogood will train 30 activists on outreach and local development analysis and assist them to hold 12 focus groups with citizens to identify local needs, present them to decision makers at three public forums, and create a final report containing recommendations for solutions.

Women Journalists Without Chains



Advocating Strategic Transition Issues

To amplify civil society's impact on the implementation of strategic reforms necessary for Yemen's successful transition to democracy. Women Journalists Without Chains will mobilize coalitions calling for the protection of public funds and for government implementation of the "20 +11 Points" agreed upon at the National Dialogue Conference by organizing 12 focus groups across Yemen, launching an action plan report, and conducting a coordinated advocacy campaign.

Yemen Foundation for Social Studies

Human Rights


Advocating Women's Constitutional Rights

To enable a women’s rights coalition to mobilize local communities and decision makers in support of a constitution respecting women’s rights. YFSS will hold coordination meetings in Sanaa and Aden for its coalition partners, support volunteer advocacy campaigns and discussion forums in eight provinces, and target members of the constitution drafting committee through private meetings and media outlets.

Yemen Parliamentarians Against Corruption

Political Processes


Engaging Citizens in Constitution Formation

To raise public awareness of Yemen's first constitution draft and to present a diverse range of citizens' perspectives to the constitution drafting committee. YemenPAC will produce a guide on the first draft of the constitution, distribute 20,000 copies of its guide and hold 400 forums across the country, solicit citizen feedback through a survey, and communicate citizens' perspectives to decision makers.

Youth and Childhood Association



Advocating Priorities in Public Services in Hudaydah

To monitor and advocate for better public services in Hudaydah and facilitate dialogue between citizens and officials on local needs. The  Association will expand its monitoring program covering governmental departments to rural districts, present its findings to officials and stakeholders in four public meetings, conduct 18 follow-up visits with officials, hold ten civic forums to identify local needs and priorities, and create a final report.

Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.