Abjad Center for Studies and Development
Civic Education
Community Input for Local Development
To enable activists to work with their communities to engage local officials and respond to development needs, and to build the capacity of an emerging organization in Dhamar Province. Abjad will hold two workshops for 15 activists on local governance, create an advocacy coordination group, produce a report on development and governance priorities, and organize a civic forum to advocate recommendations. 

Alf Ba Civilian Coexistence Foundation
Civic Education
Empowering Youth Leadership in Local Communities
To engage a cadre of youth activists with officials and community leaders on local issues and to build the capacity of an emerging organization in Aden. Alf Ba will hold three workshops for 20 activists on advocacy and local development, facilitate three rounds of discussion sessions among community leaders and decision makers on local concerns, and hold a conference on accountability. 

Aswan Center for Legal and Social Research and Studies
Political Processes
Advocating for Women's Reform Priorities
To enable independent women candidates and their campaign managers to participate in parliamentary and local elections, and to engage them in advocating for women’s reform priorities. Aswan will produce a film, hold six trainings on campaign skills, hold monthly meetings to build a supportive coalition, and facilitate advocacy for constitutional and legislative reforms related to women’s rights.

Basement Cultural Foundation
Democratic Ideas and Values
Stimulating Public Debate on Political Reform
To stimulate public debate on political reform and to strengthen civil society’s influence on policymaking. Basement will facilitate focus groups to explore creative solutions to nine strategic challenges facing political development in Yemen. For each, Basement will organize two working meetings and an open forum to discuss policy recommendations, and will publish an electronic newsletter. 

Center for International Private Enterprise
Democratic Ideas and Values
Supporting Democratic Reform through Private Sector Legislative Advocacy
To enhance business community participation in policymaking through advocacy and to build support for the Legislative Reform Agenda among civil society, media, and political parties. CIPE will train leaders from civil society, the private sector, and political parties to contribute to the constitutional transition and to help establish a lasting culture of civic participation in policymaking.

Center for International Private Enterprise
Developing Market Economy
Empowering Citizens through Increased Economic Engagement
To engage civil society organizations to participate in the democratic process and to advocate for removal of barriers to business for informal street vendors. CIPE will engage business associations, other civil society groups, government officials, and other stakeholders in research and advocacy to increase access to the formal economy and the democratic process among street vendors in Taiz and to improve the legal and regulatory environment for small-scale entrepreneurs. 

Center of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights
Advocating Higher Education Reform
To create a national coalition to advocate for higher education reform, and raise education standards. CIHLHR will build upon its pilot project at Taiz University to facilitate seminars on feasible reforms at universities in Sanaa, Aden, Hudaydah, Ibb, Dhamar, and Dalea; launch final recommendations at a press conference; and consolidate a nation-wide pressure group. 

Democratic Youth Foundation
Civic Education
Strengthening Youth Leadership in Southern Yemen
To build the capacity of southern activists to serve as effective local community leaders and organizers and to advocate for a peaceful, democratic transition. DYF will hold two five-day training workshops on organizational and leadership skills in Aden and facilitate ten dialogue forums between youth and southern political leaders. 

Future Partners Foundation for Development
Rule of Law
Youth Advocacy on Transitional Justice
To enable youth activists in Sanaa, Taiz, and Aden to advocate for accountability and address human rights abuses within the framework of Yemen’s transitional justice law and court system. FPFD will hold 12 community meetings, form and lead follow-up advocacy committees, and produce and distribute a report on implementing transitional justice mechanisms in Yemen.

National Organization for Developing Society
Democratic Ideas and Values
Advocating for a Civic Charter that Respects Human Rights
To engage religious leaders in advocacy on the "Civic Charter" to promote their vision for a democratic and civil state that respects human rights. NODS will organize 20 press conferences across the country for  imams and clerics involved in drafting the charter to advocate on behalf of its principles during the period of Yemen’s National Dialogue Conference. 

Qualification and Legal Assistance for Human Rights
Rule of Law
Supporting Judicial Reform
To build the capacity of legal professionals to monitor and advocate for judicial independence and international human rights norms in judicial processes in southern Yemen. QLAHR will hold four workshops for judges, public prosecutors, and lawyers; form teams of lawyers to monitor court decisions in Aden, Abyan, Dalea, Lahij, Shabwa, and Hadramawt; and inaugurate an annual report on violations of judicial independence. 

Social Center for Militating Illegal Earning
Advocating for Transparency and Anti-Corruption
To raise public awareness on the need for anti-corruption reforms and regulations and to enhance the ability of an emerging organization to combat corruption in Yemen. SCMIE will build its organizational capacity, mobilize supporters, and advocate for reforms by holding four workshops; producing a brochure, posters, and a video on about the importance of anti-corruption efforts; and maintaining its Transparency Blog. 

The National Organization for Defending Rights & Freedom
Rule of Law
Advocacy for Judicial Reform
To reform judicial proceedings in adherence to international human rights norms and judicial independence and enable civil society and the media to advocate for judicial reform in Yemen. HOOD will train 12 journalists and lawyers on court monitoring, lead a monitoring team, document divergences from international standards, produce two reports, advocate for judicial reform, and produce a manual for media professionals on covering judicial proceedings.

Yemen Foundation for Social Studies
Human Rights
Advocating Women’s Constitutional Rights
To build a coalition of women’s rights advocates and enhance women’s participation and influence in drafting a constitution supportive of women’s rights. YSFF will commission a study on constitutional reform, organize an advocacy forum for women activists, develop an advocacy strategy and action plan, and facilitate coordination meetings and a media campaign on women’s political participation. 

Yemen Parliamentarians Against Corruption
Civic Education
Engaging Citizens in Constitution Formation (Supplement to 2012 Grant)
Supplemental funds will allow YemenPAC to collect and advocate for citizens’ perspectives on constitutional and state reform to the national dialogue committees and constitution drafting committees. YemenPAC will train a network of coordinators, hold 400 forums on constitutional awareness across the country, survey 20,000 citizens on reform priorities, and publicize citizen demands. 

Youth and Childhood Association
Monitoring Local Government Services in Hudaydah
To monitor and advocate for better public services and to facilitate dialogue between citizens and officials on community needs in Hudaydah. YCA will engage youth activists to monitor and document the provision of public services, organize four meetings where youth will present findings to officials and stakeholders to discuss recommendations, form follow-up committees to pressure authorities to address recommendations, and create a final report.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report..