February 12, 2020

Sharp Power and Democratic Resilience Series

The Sharp Power and Democratic Resilience series aims to contextualize the nature of sharp power, inventory key authoritarian efforts and domains, and illuminate ideas for non-governmental action that are essential...


January 28, 2020

“The Cutting Edge of Sharp Power” by Christopher Walker, Shanthi...

Democratic societies must address the spread of technology developed in authoritarian settings while continuing to uphold democratic norms.


May 03, 2019

Foreign Authoritarian Influence in the Western Balkans: An International...

An International Forum working paper on foreign authoritarian influence from China, Russia, Turkey, and the Gulf States in the Western Balkans media sphere, written by Kurt Bassuener.


May 02, 2019

Building Democratic Resilience in the Western Balkans

03:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow Agon Maliqi discussed how to bolster domestic constituencies for liberal democracy in the Western Balkans. A panel of experts elaborated on larger regional and geopolitical trends and ways to counter the influence of authoritarianism.