July 07, 2023

Forum Focus: June 2023

Monthly news from the National Endowment for Democracy‘s International Forum for Democratic Studies on global challenges facing democracy around the world. SHARE ON FACEBOOK | SHARE ON...


July 05, 2023

Defending the Global Human Rights System from Authoritarian Assault: How...

TWEET | SHARE DOWNLOAD THE REPORT Authoritarian influence in multilateral institutions is growing rapidly and poses a serious threat to democratic and human rights principles. Repressive governments have worked...


July 10, 2023

Defending the Global Human Rights System from Authoritarian...

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Join the International Forum for Democratic Studies, Rana Siu Inboden (Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law at the University of Texas at Austin), and Sophie Richardson (Human Rights Watch) for a livestream discussion on crucial challenges to global democratic integrity.


December 06, 2022

Sharp Power Five Years Later | Forum Focus: December 2022

This special edition of Forum Focus reflects on the sharp power concept five years after its inception—and looks ahead to promising civil society responses to the global threat of authoritarian influence.