International Forum for Democratic Studies Research Council Member

Byung-kook Kim

Korea University

Byung-Kook Kim teaches party politics, methodology, and comparative political theories at Korea University. He authored and edited The Dynamics of National Division and Revolution: The Political Economy of Korea and Mexico (1994); State, Region, and International System: Change and Continuity (1995); Korean Politics (1998); Consolidating Democracy in South Korea (2000); Between Compliance and Conflict: East Asia, Latin America, and the “New” Pax Americana (2005); and Power and Security in Northeast Asia: Shifting Strategies (2007).

Prof. Kim was previously president of the Korea Foundation (2010–2012) and chancellor of the newly established Korea National Diplomatic Academy (2012–2013).

Prof. Kim graduated from Harvard University with a BA in economics and Phi Beta Kappa (1982), where he later completed his Ph.D in political science (1988). He served on the Editorial Board of Hankukilbo (1994–1995), on the Presidential Commission on Policy Planning (1994–1998), and taught at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (2003) as the Ralph I. Straus Visiting Professor. Dr. Kim directed the East Asia Institute, an independent think tank based in Seoul (2002–2008), before serving as the Senior Secretary for Foreign Affairs and National Security under South Korea president Lee Myung-bak in 2008. Prof. Kim served as a member of the Executive Committee, International Political Science Association (2006–2009).