August 04, 2016

Book Launch: “Authoritarianism Goes Global” Events in Europe

Authoritarianism Goes Global gained much attention in Europe as co-editors Marc F. Plattner and Christopher Walker traveled to five cities in Europe in May and June 2016 to present the book's findings at a...


July 18, 2016

Journal of Democracy July 2016 Issue: The Danger of Deconsolidation

The Dangers of Deconsolidation “Citizens in a number of supposedly consolidated democracies in North America and Western Europe” are now “more cynical about the value of democracy as a political...


July 12, 2016

NED Mourns the Death of Former Chairman John Brademas

It was with great sadness that the Board of Directors and staff of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) learned of the passing of its former chairman, The Honorable John Brademas, who died July 11, 2016...


July 11, 2016

APSA-CD Newsletter: Democratization and Civil Conflict

“The history that has come down to us in writing is very much a history of conflict over political power. The most well-attested of these conflicts have been ‘international’, that is, conflicts...