Forum Research Council


The International Forum for Democratic Studies Research Council is a group of approximately 80 scholars and specialists recognized for their outstanding work and expertise on democracy and democratization. It includes experts specializing in particular regions and countries, as well as scholars who study broader, comparative issues. Research Council members represent a wide range of theoretical and intellectual perspectives, reflecting the diversity in the field of democracy studies.

Research Council members participate in Forum activities by:

  • Providing intellectual input on research topics
  • Participating in Forum panel presentations, working groups, and roundtable discussions
  • Contributing articles to the Forum’s Journal of Democracy and other Forum publications
  • Building organizational partnerships with the Forum to conduct joint conferences and research projects


Forum Research Council Members


Marc F. Plattner
National Endowment for Democracy

Larry Diamond
Stanford University

Executive Director

Christopher Walker
National Endowment for Democracy

Research Council Members

Nancy Bermeo
Oxford University 

Ladan Boroumand
Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation for the
Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy in Iran

Michael Bratton
Michigan State University

Jason Brownlee
University of Texas at Austin

Daniel Brumberg
Georgetown University

Zora Bútorová
Institute for Public Affairs (Slovakia)

Thomas Carothers
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Yun-han Chu
Academia Sinica (Taiwan)

Alexander Cooley
Barnard College, Columbia University

Michael Coppedge
University of Notre Dame

Javier Corrales
Amherst College

Donald Emmerson
Stanford University

Whitman College
Hudson Institute
Portuguese Catholic University
Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations (United Kingdom)
Centre for the Study of Democracy (South Africa)
Stanford University
Indiana University
Georgetown University
Portland State University
George Mason University
Center for Democracy and Development (Ghana)
University of California at San Diego
Asan Institute for Policy Studies (South Korea)
University of Virginia
University of North Carolina
U.S. Institute of Peace
Duke University
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Northwestern University
Stanford University
Korea Foundation
Centre for Liberal Strategies (Bulgaria)
Sweden Institute of International Affairs
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Ohio State University
East-West Center
University of Southern California
Yale University
University of Notre Dame
George Washington University
Stanford University (on leave)
Centre for Policy Studies (India)
Scuola di Governo, LUISS (Italy)
Hertie School of Governance (Germany)
Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Columbia University
Ilia State University (Georgia)
George Washington University
Prague Institute for Democracy, Economy and Culture
Claremont McKenna College
Brookings Institution
Freedom House
Murdoch University
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Quality of Government Institute, University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (France)
Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas (CIDE, Mexico)
Instituto Universitario Europeo (Italy)
Columbia University
Carnegie Moscow Center (Russia)
Inter-America Dialogue
The Stefan Batory Foundation (Poland)
Stanford University
Columbia University
University of Maryland at College Park
Brown University
Cornell University
University of Toronto
National Taiwan University
Oxford University
Temple University
Oxford University