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NDRI Spotlight: Innovations for Successful Societies

Innovations for Successful Societies

Innovations for Successful Societies is a Princeton University program that supports public servants, policy makers, and scholars from around the world who want to build more effective and accountable government in challenging settings.

Through a series of case studies, the program has chronicled the hard work of people from across the globe who have led reform and innovation in the public sector. ::MORE


Nov 25, 2014

In response to the international debate over think tank funding and calls for more transparency, Grupo FARO Executive Director Orazio Bellettini published a blog post for On Think Tanks, "Transparency for think tanks: the latest fashion or an urgent reform?" ::MORE

Nov 3, 2014

In the run-up to Romania's November 2 presidential elections, the Romanian Academic Society published a briefing paper profiling the front-running candidates and describing how underlying corruption hampers the credibility of the country's election. ::MORE

Sept 17, 2014

A new issue of Worth Reading features four academic papers on combatting corruption in Uruguay, Costa Rica, South Korea, and other "high-acheiving" countries. The papers were presented together on a Comparative Democratization section panel at the American Political Science Association 2014 Annual Meeting. ::MORE

Aug 26, 2014

The Legatum Institute held an event on "Athenian Civilization: The Glory that Endures" on September 6, 2014 featuring the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in which he discussed the world's first democracy and it's lasting influence. ::MORE