Network of Democracy Research Institutes (NDRI)


A Global Think Tank Network

The Network of Democracy Research Institutes (NDRI) is a global network of think tanks that conduct research and analysis on democracy, democratization, and related topics in comparative government and international affairs.

The NDRI is a key network of the World Movement for Democracy and is coordinated by the NED’s International Form for Democratic Studies. The NDRI’s mission is to foster interaction among international think tanks, democracy scholars, and activists in order to:

  • Analyze the status and problems of democracy, both within individual countries and comparatively
  • Identify examples of think tank and policy institute innovation
  • Determine factors that contribute to the emergence and consolidation of democracy
  • Promote policy discussions among citizens, and between citizens and government
  • Foster and strengthen democratic values, principles, and ideas
  • Disseminate major works and scholarship on democracy
  • Enhance think tank capacity to influence major public policy development
  • Identify and stimulate debate about institutional reforms to achieve these goals

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Network Activities

The NDRI is a unique global network that connects organizations that may not otherwise come into contact. The collaborative space created by the NDRI allows think tanks from diverse parts of the world to initiate joint projects. The NDRI also encourages member institutes to reach out in solidarity to one another and to share knowledge and experiences.

The NDRI promotes the sharing of ideas and information among members by conducting the following activities:

  • Organizing international workshops on key democracy issues
  • Promoting joint initiatives among Network members to examine the promotion of democracy and democratic development, including conferences, panels, and analytical projects
  • Producing Democracy Research News, a quarterly digital newsletter
  • Disseminating Worth Reading, a semi-monthly email bulletin that recommends important articles, websites, and reports
  • Convening at the World Movement for Democracy’s biennial Global Assemblies

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