May 11, 2022

Women’s Political Leadership Amid Closing Civic Space...

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Women activists from Burma, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Thailand shared their plans to promote women’s political participation amid closing civic space in the region and conveyed recommendations on how international stakeholders should engage with backsliding democracies in ASEAN.


April 29, 2022

Sikyong (President) of the Central Tibetan Administration Visits NED 

The Sikyong (President) of the Central Tibetan Administration Penpa Tsering visited NED on his first trip to the United States since taking office last year.


April 26, 2022

A New Strategy for the Tibetan Democracy Movement: A Conversation...

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

In his first in-person public talk in the U.S. since taking office, the Sikyong reflected on his first year in office, including lessons that the Tibetan struggle may offer other democracy movements in exile.


NED Grantee Connects Marginalized Women Across Rural Pakistan

Women’s rights NGO Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy has established a large network of independent rural women leaders in Pakistan.