January 23, 2019

International Forum for Democratic Studies January 2019 Newsletter

The January 2019 edition of the Forum newsletter features new content, event recaps, and more.


February 11, 2019

Fifteenth Annual Seymour Martin Lipset Lecture: Confronting...

06:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Anwar Ibrahim, President of the People's Justice Party of Malaysia, will present the 15th annual Seymour Martin Lipset Lecture on Democracy in the World at the Embassy of Canada.


January 22, 2019

“Safeguarding Democracies Against Authoritarian Sharp Power”

Writing for Policy Options, NED Vice President for Studies and Analysis Christopher Walker assesses the risk posed to multiple sectors – media, universities, academic publishers, technology, elections –...


January 18, 2019

Forum Q&A: Kyrylo Loukerenko on Public Service Media As a Model For...

Dean Jackson of the International Forum for Democratic Studies spoke with Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow Kyrylo Loukerenko about media reform in Ukraine and the role of community and public service media in...