August 28, 2018

Forum Q&A: Vidushi Marda on Civil Society, Artificial Intelligence,...

Dean Jackson of the International Forum for Democratic Studies spoke with Vidushi Marda about the applications of iterative machine learning and how civil society can best contribute to the development of a...


August 02, 2018

Issue Brief: The ‘Demand Side’ of the Disinformation Crisis

The International Forum for Democratic Studies explores the "demand side" of the disinformation challenge, and considers implications for a democratic response.


June 19, 2018

Has Freedom of Expression Become A Self-Parody? Examples...

03:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Pakistani journalist Nadeem F. Paracha explored the impact that viral hoaxes, rumors, and other forms of manipulated information can have through social media.


May 29, 2018

Issue Brief: How Disinformation Impacts Politics and Publics

The International Forum for Democratic Studies assesses the tactics used by political actors to shape the information environment and explores the proliferation of digital disinformation in the contemporary...