Haiti 2009: Building a Community of Young Leaders

UPDATE: Democracy Stories producer Joe Rubin follows up with Fondation Espoir director Hans Tippenhauer to talk about the impact of the January earthquake. Tippenhauer shares on both a personal and professional level the challenges posed by the devastation, and how he and his colleagues are coping and starting to rebuild.

Since Haiti’s devastating earthquake, NED has been anxious to receive news and information about the safety and well-being of our 11 grantees in the country. Miraculously, all of our grantees, including six groups in Port-au-Prince, survived the quake, but not without devastating personal losses. Many have lost everything and are living in the streets with nothing but the clothes on their backs.   

Among NED’s outstanding Haitian grantees is Fondation Espoir (Hope Foundation). Prior to the January earthquake, Journal of Democracy editor Larry Diamond spoke with Hans Tippenhauer, Director of Fondation Espoir in Port-au-Prince about his group’s long-term work to develop a community of young leaders with a vision of democracy for Haiti. Since 2004, NED has provided support for radio broadcasts, documentary films, and youth associations, all aimed at training youth in the areas of business development and management, environmental restoration, and community action.