The Case of Roma in Slovakia

November 15, 2017
09:30 am - 11:00 am



About the Event

Evaluating Political Participation of Marginalized Groups

Since 2003, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) has engaged Roma political representatives, civic leaders, and grassroots activists across Central Europe and the Balkans in developing their skills to participate in the political process as equal citizens.

With NED support, NDI has completed a participatory evaluation in Slovakia to understand the extent to which: 

  • Roma political skills have been developed, 
  • the political environment has opened to Roma participation, and 
  • government has proved responsive to the needs and interests of Roma as expressed through representative channels.

Drawing on its longstanding partnerships with Roma leaders, NDI used a participatory evaluation methodology, in which Roma participants took lead roles in shaping evaluation design and implementation, and analyzing findings.

Join us for a presentation and discussion of findings from this evaluation. 


Nadezhda Mouzykina, Sr. Program Manager, Central and Eastern Europe, National Democratic Institute

Linda Stern, Director of Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning , National Democratic Institute

Tomas Hrustic, Resident Program Advisor, National Democratic Institute

Stanislav Daniel, Program Manager, International Step by Step Association, The Netherlands

with comments by:

Rodger Potocki, Senior Director, Europe, National Endowment for Democracy




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