Making Bosnia and Herzegovina Work: A Path to a Functioning Democracy

September 16, 2010
12:00 pm - 02:00 pm

The International Forum for Democratic Studies and the Europe Program of the National Endowment for Democracy brought together academic experts on comparative constitutional design with legal and country specialists to discuss how Bosnia and Herzegovina can complete its democratic transition and achieve its Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

During the half-day meeting, participants reviewed the state of governance and democracy in BiH and explored issues in the current debate on constitutional reform and the available options for proceedings. The meeting’s aim was to develop alternatives for decision-makers and citizens in BiH to consider rather than a set of prescriptive solutions.

A report that summarizes the discussion, including the group’s reflections on the contemporary context and the challenges it poses, the process by which durable and legitimate change can be acomplished, and the minimum requirements for achieving a functioning government is available.

Download the Report. :: pdf