Ben Dubow

President & CTO, Omelas

Ben Dubow is CTO and president of Omelas, an AI firm that tracks authoritarian propaganda, and a Democratic Resilience Fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis. Ben has developed technology which has surfaced imminent terrorist attacks, mapped out vast networks of Russian influence online, and uncovered growing rifts in the ruling coalition in Iran. Data and analysis from this technology has been covered in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and Foreign Policy among over a dozen others while Ben has appeared on Meet the Press, in the Financial Times, and Spain’s ABC. Ben’s writings on democratic resilience in the former Soviet space have been reprinted in half a dozen languages. Prior to Omelas, Ben worked at Google where he helped design the Redirect Method, which delivered counter-messaging on jihadi search terms, and as secretary for Code To Inspire which taught Afghan women to code and find work online. Ben began his career tracking jihadi and white nationalist propaganda. Ben graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in Arabic and Islamic Studies.