Fellowship Project and Program Activities

Fellowship Project

The Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellows Program is intended to give democracy practitioners, scholars, and journalists from around the world the opportunity to pursue a period of reflection, research, and professional exchange at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington, D.C. Fellows are expected to devote their time to working on a project related to the prospects for democracy in a particular country or region. Projects may focus on the political, social, economic, legal, and cultural aspects of democratic development and may include a range of methodologies and approaches.  Projects should reflect the interests and expertise of the applicant and are not expected to include a study of, or comparison with, democracy in the United States.

At the start of their fellowship, and again at key stages throughout their stay at the International Forum, fellows consult with program staff on the theme and scope of their project, the progress they are making, any difficulties they may be encountering, and so on. Fellows are expected to make every effort to complete their project within the agreed-upon timetable.

All fellows make at least one formal presentation of their work during their stay. Presentations may be open to the public or geared to a more select audience and typically focus on the fellows’ research project or another topic relating to the state of democracy in their country of origin or interest.  Fellows are also expected to complete a written product (article, report, manual, book manuscript, etc.) relating to their project.

As fellowships draw to a close, fellows update program staff on the progress they have made and their plans to complete their work in a timely fashion. Copies of the fellow’s final product(s), including any articles, op-eds, papers, book chapters, interview transcripts, or other material produced while in residence at the Endowment must be handed in to program staff by the end of the fellowship. Products may be written in English or any other language.

Program Activities

The Reagan-Fascell program makes every effort to create a rich intellectual environment that fosters learning and professional development. Through its calendar of seminars, roundtables, field trips, and other events, the program seeks to:

  • build knowledge about the work of Endowment and its core institutes;
  • provide education concerning democracy through field trips and seminars;
  • support outreach for dialogue and interaction with the governmental, nongovernmental, academic, and media communities around town and beyond; and
  • promote a sense of collegiality and solidarity among fellows as a group.

Fellows are expected to participate fully in the seminars, roundtables, field trips, and other events organized on their behalf.  In deference to the collegial goals of the program, fellows are also expected to attend each other’s presentations, traditionally held at lunchtime as “brownbag” or catered events.

In addition, fellows benefit from the many informal social and cultural activities that the program has to offer, including trips to sporting events, museums, movies, happy hours, and potluck dinners. The program encourages fellows to take full advantage of their stay in Washington, D.C., by partaking in the rich cultural life of the nation’s capital.

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