Resume/CV & Bio

Step 4. Résumé/CV and Biography

Résumé: In Step 4 of your application, you will be asked to upload your résumé or curriculum vitae to your application via the Online Application System. The résumé should list, in reverse chronological order, your education, including all degrees earned, professional appointments and experiences, awards and honors, and publications (if applicable).

Your résumé or curriculum vitae should be formatted in MS Word Document (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) in order to successfully upload it to the Online Application System.

Biography: In Step 4, you will also be asked to provide a brief biography of no more than 200 words that describes your personal background and professional experience as they relate to democracy building in your country of origin or interest. Be sure to include your current position, recent professional affiliations, and any noteworthy accomplishments (such as articles published or awards received). Examples of fellows’ bios may be found within the Current and Past Fellows section of our website.

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