Fellows Capacity Building

Building Knowledge and Networking

Seminar with Anne-Marie Slaughter

Reagan-Fascell fellows have access to a stimulating environment that fosters learning and professional growth. Through its calendar of seminars, roundtables, capacity building workshops, field trips, and other activities, the fellowship program seeks to:

  • build knowledge about the work of the Endowment family and its Core Institutes;
  • encourage fellows’ thinking about the theory and practice of democracy;
  • support networking for intellectual exchange with the nongovernmental, academic, media, and policy communities; and
  • promote a sense of collegiality within the fellowship cohort.

 Democracy Curriculum

The Reagan-Fascell program’s professional outreach is anchored in its “democracy curriculum,” which aims to bring fellows into contact with U.S. experts engaged in democracy research and assistance.

Activities include:

  • Orientation to the NED and its Core Institutes
  • Scholarly and Policy Seminars
  • Site Visits and “Democracy Field Trips”
  • Media Outreach
  • Awards and Academic Lectures
  • Capacity-Building Workshops